Susanne Rohfleisch !

Lawyer Rechtsanwältin Susanne Rohfleisch – Not Honest!!!

This lawyer I used for divorce recently gets me so boiling mad that I have to write this.

She lied to me about German divorce law which I then caught her after the divorce was all over and after I paid her.

Then she totally refused to even talk to me about it when I asked her. Also she did almost no law work to try to defend my case.

Actual court with her was a complete joke as she was not prepared and made no points to the judge on my behalf.

She is totally dishonest and worthless in every aspect as a lawyer. They should cancel her law license. But they won’t because in Germany they never do anything to punish lawyers. Sad.

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2 reviews on Susanne Rohfleisch !

  1. Do not hire Susanne Rohfleisch

    This professional legal review is for my German colleagues living in the Heidelberg, Germany area but I will write in both English and German as this site is all in English: Do not hire Susanne Rohfleisch, Landhausstrasse 15, 69115 Heidelberg, for anything to do with German family law.

    I could write pages here why not to use her but will just say this on my personal experiences as her paying client trying to navigate through the German divorce system. First, I paid her over $15,000 to handle my divorce. I found out later that she was actually working against my best interests rather than for me.

    It was all about the money for her and nothing else – and I mean “my money” too. How much money could she make and how little work could she do? So any other family law lawyer in Heidelberg or Mannheim is a better choice than her.

  2. I used this lady lawyer for divorce.

    I used this lady lawyer for divorce. She was terrible. She did nothing to prepare my case. I went into court and she did not fight for me. We lost big. Unbelievable.

    I do not know how she can keep a law practice. I do not know why there are not more people on here who said something. Maybe she hate men? Anyway, use this lady lawyer and you throw your money away!

Landhausstraße 15
Heidelberg 69115 BW DE
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