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this marketing you can't deny

Stay away from this slick shyster.The only thing Steve Moskowitzis good at, is marketing, this you can’t deny.You probably heard one of his BS advertising on the radio. Steve Moskowitz runs his Ads everywhere, and it sad to see some of the dissent radio stations take his Ads to run without checking this guy out and his reputation.

This is his modus operandi: His people talk to you over the phone and makes you feel nice, warm and welcome and invite you for initial consultation for $500. Keep in mind, many times on his radio Ads he advertise free initial consultation, I guess this 5-10 min talk to a receptionist at his office IS free “consultation”.

When you come in for the consultation he will greet you and ask you where you heard his Ad, and as you tell him where he will play a roll of supporter and your friend, making you feel like you got to the right place and person who “gets you”. Chit chat a little about nothing, then you get to a business and tell him your story and problems, when you done not thinking too much

just scratching some something in his notepad he will tell you some RIDICULES amount you have to pay him upfront to take your case. So where you end up? nowhere! And with $500 less in your pocket, and he just made this $500 for 15-20 min of BS talk. Stay away from this guy, read others people reviews here and just Google it. Find some dissent lawyer who does free initial consultation and works with you in your situation, especially when you working with TAX issues or similar.

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  1. Moskowitz, LLP Is Scam.

    This sheister stole $500 from me and tried to steal $50k. Luckily I found a real Attorney who didnt try to make me homeless. I would never advise anyone wasting their time or money on this sheister. With all of the stolen $, he’s able to buy tv ads to keep his theft of other people continuing.

  2. Dont use this company

    this has been bothering for years… and now that this guy is on evry bay area radio station day and night- i can’t get away from the memory of my visit to his office.

    i was much younger then and owed 16k in back taxes. as i entered his office, he stood with two young acolytes in expensice suits. i introduced myself and he said, “did you bring the cash?”

  3. He is only concerned with his pay!

    I called Steve Moscowitz on a friend’s suggestion, but found myself sorely disappointed in the manner in which I was treated. I called and left a message asking for a callback on Thursday morning, then called again late on Friday when I had not heard back.

    When Steve was put through to me, he had a terse tone while he asked me a few cursory questions including what my income is. When I told him I made about $25,000 last year, and am only working part-time right now, he abruptly told me that he doesn’t know if he can help me or not, but that if I want to come in for a consultation it would be $500 up front just to say hi.

  4. Stay Away. Met with Steve M. One time only.

    Stay Away. Met with Steve M. One time only. He asked me who was most likely to give a credit card for 1500 my partner or 80 yo Mother. He charged her in full. They lost my files in a move and I had to recreate them. The person handling my case hated the IRS woman he dealt with. He said he was “going to get that bitch!” Result no compromise.

    No refund. My elderly mother paid $1500 for over a year of incompetence. You never deal with him direct. I told him I was thinking about suing him. He said let him know now before he returns my files. When I hear his insincere ads on TV it makes my sick. I should have pursued it but he gets you when you are down in life. Crook. Should be disbarred.

  5. I was in a bad spot with my business partner having a criminal investigation done on him.

    I was in a bad spot with my business partner having a criminal investigation done on him. I called Moskowitz to get counsel on whether I had any liability. when I arrived, I was asked how i wanted to pay for the consultation, which was about $300. I then was required to fill out a personal financial statement. At the time, my liquid net worth was around $180,000

  6. No, I'm unable to recommend Mr. Moskowitz or his firm.

    I’ve used services by the firm owned and managed by Mr. Moskowitz. Indeed, he’s an aggressive marketer and high-pressure ‘closer’. And he’s pretty good at it. My case was straight-forward. Yet once he got my money and my case got into their system, I became a nobody.

    Communication was non-existent. My impression was that the CPA that was handling my case was like the caged hamster on the exercise wheel–running faster and faster but going nowhere. He clearly had too much work, too little time. Reminded me of a white-collar sweat shop. No, I’m unable to recommend Mr. Moskowitz or his firm.

  7. Bad Service Provide.

    My recommendation to anyone seeking tax assistance is to not consider consulting Steven Moskowitz for any reason. I have never written a review for anything prior to this post and have been prompted to share this review after seeing his face on tv ads.

    Based upon my experience consulting him, I would like to inform people that he is very limited in knowledge and advice, but greedily accepts his high fees regardless.

  8. I have a case they are handling and it is some what sensitive.

    I have a case they are handling and it is some what sensitive. I understand how business works ,we have been happy so far . They have to be paid,and so don’t I.They have answered every call and we are pleased so far. I wonder if this is like trip adviser when a customer wants to get even they post negative stuff to get back at them.

  9. I recently had a consultation with Mr. Moskowitz about my tax matters and tax planning questions.

    I recently had a consultation with Mr. Moskowitz about my tax matters and tax planning questions. As I do not live in California, we did the consult by phone, which at first I was skeptical of,

    but it ended up going smoothly and Steve’s support staff was very professional. Although I did not end up hiring Steve, he consultation was very informative and well worth the $500 he charges. I will be calling them again if I am ever in need of a great tax attorney.

  10. I became of client of Stephen Moskowitz a year in a half ago and I am so happy that my tax nightmare is over!

    I became of client of Stephen Moskowitz a year in a half ago and I am so happy that my tax nightmare is over! Finally! He and his staff, especially Tina and Erin were always available to answer my quenstions.

    Steve and his associate Anthony went recommended that we go to Court and they were right. They convinced the IRS that I did not owe the $73,000 that they were trying to get.

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