Product and Familiarizing not good

Valerie J. know most people have an awesome experience here and  Valerie J. once did as well. Unfortunately Valerie J. have recently had a few bad experiences and Valerie J. don’t want to complain and gripe so I’m just gonna mention a couple of tips I wish  Valerie J.knew about walking in.
First off, when getting a massage  Valerie J. would make sure it’s not the ‘new guy’ and that there isn’t a language barrier between you. You could get hurt due to miscommunication.

Secondly, when speaking with an esthetician and purchasing new skin care, beware their return policy is only 14 days. I bought some skin care products recommended by an esthetician, two weeks after using it my skin started to react, I kept using for a couple more weeks assuming my skin was just in transition or maybe my hormones were temporarily effecting my skin condition, but it was worsening. So I stopped using it and immediately my skin returned to normal.

So I went in to talk to the esthetician and she recommended I switch to the line that is specific for sensitive skin. In my first meeting with her I adamantly described my skin as sensitive and she boasted that all the products were safe for sensitive skin. Why she didn’t just sell me the line that I actually needed in the first place is a mystery. Anyway, she said there was nothing she could do for me as for exchanging the product, and the front desk did nothing for me either except explain that they have a strict 14 day return/exchange policy. So I’m out over $100. And still looking for a good skin care line, from a company that has a good exchange policy, even Target has a better return policy! I was really surprised they didn’t want to work with me on this, I was looking forward to using a high end product and familiarizing myself with their services, but I will not be returning. Hope this help you navigate through your purchases (:

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Reported Loss :131 $
Severity of Scam :High
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