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The Employees At Oregonians Credit Union Are Horrible!

The employees at Oregonians Credit Union are horrible! There’s some type of “Elitists” atmosphere whenever you go to this branch compared to the regular friendlier branches.

You can even do a test experiment, go in there with a small check and observe what they will do, they kind of smirk at it and then have a friend come in with a larger check and they treat him far better.

There is discrimination (not by skin color, but of class) and elitist “I am better than you” type of attitude at this branch.

This has occurred more than once, recommendation to go to other branches.

Since this is the main branch, I assume its more of just power trip” over the rest, but still its not pleasant to be around this type of attitude.

Banking should be discreet and not smirked or made fun of.

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4 reviews on Oregonians Credit Union

  1. It is absolutely unconscionable and it is predatory and should be illegal.

    Absolutely THIEVES! My niece had a car loan through them for approximately 8 months. The interest rate was astronomical… like 12.5 or 13 %, which should be considered predatory to begin with. Then because of a glitch between the insurance company and the CU, they charged her with the 4th place insurance to the tune of approximately 6-7,000.

    So after 8 months of paying on the car, her original $8,000 loan ballooned to $8700! She sold the car and paid off the loan 3 weeks ago, and lo and behold, what disappears from her checking this morning but…. you got it.. a car payment for a loan that was closed 3 weeks ago.

    REALLY? Go to her present bank, and they can’t reverse the payment. Call Oregonians CU and get a complete CIRCLE JERK about how they can’t refund or stop the payment, that “when it clears, it will be put into her account to withdraw”… WHAT ACCOUNT? She closed the savings account when she paid off the predatory loan!!! Well, we’ll just re-open it and deposit it “when it clears”.

    When the heck is THAT going to happen? and more importantly, HOW? How can they deposit money into a nonexistent account??? The other offer was a check…. in 7-10 business days AND I am informed that they can take as many as 2 more cycles to stop withdrawing the money.

    Bear in mind this left the young lady with $1.37 to her name for two more weeks! I informed them that another withdrawal will land them with criminal charges for theft and ALL withdrawals are to be STOPPED NOW, IMMEDIATELY. This was after waiting on hold for almost 10 minutes.

    The entire experience should be illegal. There’s no universe in which they should be allowed to continue to withdraw auto payments for 2-3 billing cycles AFTER they have received ALL OF THEIR MONEY. COMPLETE THIEVES.

    They are preying on and taking advantage of the very people who can least afford to be taken advantage of. It is absolutely unconscionable and it is predatory and should be illegal.

  2. Run don't walk from this place unless you like to waste your time.

    Opened an account to get access to a nearby ATM. Debit card promised in 7 to 10 business days (really!!) in todays business world ?? Called as it has now been 17 days (14 business days) still no card!!

    After many unanswered calls .. many messages left no return calls .. apparently the place is understaffed (financially viable??) .. I was told the ” backroom” had made a mistake and not applied for my debit card .. another 7 to 10 business days wait!!!

  3. Should not be a problem logging into my account right? WRONG!

    I use Google Chrome as my browser. Should not be a problem logging into my account right? WRONG! I continually get ‘login failed’. I have called them on this several times. I have tried to reset my password numerous times.

    They have tried resetting my password – nothing has worked. Their response? I should use another browser! Really???? So now I have to wait on hold to get questions answered on my car loan. I won’t use this credit union again – waaaaaaaaaaay inconvenient!

  4. I use the mobile deposit feature all the time because it's quick and easy.

    Highly recommend credit unions, especially Oregonians CU. In my experience over the last ten years, they have always had very competitive loan and deposit rates.

    Fantastic customer service at the branches and easy to use online tools and app. I use the mobile deposit feature all the time because it’s quick and easy.

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Milwaukie 97267 OR US
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Severity of Scam :High
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