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Natalie and her Mind Movies is a fake visualization techniques

I heard about MindMovies and how a lady named Natalie Ledwell’s techniques made people visualize powerfully, which helped them to get what they wanted. When I got to know about her, I couldn’t stop myself from researching more about her techniques.

I got tired of working at my place and was looking to start my own business. But somewhere in my mind I was still confused between these both. I contacted Natalie and she told me how we can get all our dreams successful and to never look back in our life. I thought this could be a great tool for helping me decide which way I had to go.

So, I went on their websites which had really lucrative reviews and great appreciations for Natalie. People considered her God, thanked her for helping them. And these reviews were quiet a lot in numbers. It was hard to not get convinced by seeing them. They also provided us with some free packs before the start.

I took that 6 pack videos which were free, just to see how things worked. It talked about the Law of attraction and things that I had never heard about before. It talked about the secret of life where Mind was considered as Genie and could help us in achieving whatever we needed and wanted. I thought of giving it a try and purchased one of their big packages.

After purchasing this, I was really excited to know more that wasn’t shown in those 6 videos. I started watching them, there were seminars too included in the package. After I started watching them, I called them to know whether they have sent me the same videos as the free packs because this was exactly the same.

They realized that they had sent me the same thing and were ready to rectify their mistake after lots of arguments. I had to send them the material back, which did cost me some dollars. It wasn’t about the dollars though, but the time it took, really delayed my decision. By that time my performance at the job was deteriorating since I wasn’t able to make that decision. They told me that they would do the replacement within 3 days.

Just when I was expecting their deliveries, they called up telling me that I would have to wait for 4 more days as their delivery boy had some issues. This is where I think they sounded really unprofessional and running away from the work. I had paid them dollars as they asked me to but now I wasn’t getting the return.

After 10 days, I finally received what they told me I would be receiving in 7 days. I decided to cancel the purchase because of their unprofessional behavior. This is when the real trouble started. They started ignoring me completely. My phones went unanswered, emails with no replies. I even sent them a letter to their PO Box but all in vain.

They were so adamant on not giving the money back. I did not want this anymore because I had already made the decision to start my own business. The real purpose of purchasing MindMovies was already solved.

I did not need this anymore, but they did not answer me. Two weeks later they called me asking why wasn’t I visiting their seminars. I told the person about my issue and he seemed really sorry about this and asked me whether I could wait till he was transferring call to his head. I was then connected to the head who did not pick up and it went to the voicemail. I called them again and no one picked up this time as well. I thought of forgetting everything and started watching it.

I found a peculiarity in their Mind Movies. This woman Natalie Ledwell is a fraud. There has been a movie on this topic by the name, The Secret of Life. There is also a book by the same name.

Its author is Rhona Byrne and Natalie Ledwell is nowhere in the scene. She has just copied everything and gave her name to it. I wondered what the world is doing and if I am the only one who noticed this. I called and this time I wanted to talk with Natalie to know what this exactly was. I reached to her PA but Natalie was still nowhere in the scene.

I was really confused what to do and what not to. Also, the last set which they sent me had scenes repeated from the previous one. They talked about how we can get a Mercedes Car if we imagined every day that we were actually sitting in a car and changed gears. This is what they recommended us to do every day.

They also told us how we can earn money if we wanted to, by doing nothing but imagining, this according to me was nuts.  I told my closest colleague about what a fool I have been and he told me about his neighbor who bought just the same set as mine and was charged double the price than me. He talked about how he was going to sue Natalie in court about the con she did to him.

Anyone who is trying to purchase any kind of these software, I just want them to read this review in depth and understand how these guys are hitting and swallowing your money. They have lots of software’s available in market just by the same name. One of those is MindMovies 3.0. They talk about self-help and spirituality but they are fraudsters.

First, they have nothing of their own and secondly, they portray it in the manner which is not at all true. Who would get a Mercedes Benz by sitting at home, without doing any work. Are these guys and their fans out of their mind? Instead this program does the opposite, it becomes a hindrance for the people who really want to work.

Right now, the condition is that I have lost my job and my business has ruined. This program became my worst nightmare, thanks to my colleague that guided me the right way i.e. to throw away this program and start working otherwise I would have been changing gears in my imagination and people would be working their asses out for buying real Mercedes.

In conclusion, I would say if anyone is thinking to do anything like this, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT SPEND YOUR DOLLARS ON THIS. No professional or reputable company is going to behave in the manner they did. I lost all my faith in work but I gained back, just because of my colleague. Don’t fall for Natalie Ledwell she is just a fraudster.

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9 reviews on Natalie Ledwell

  1. Ledwell is a manipulator nothing else

    she is just manipulating your mind… nothing else, we are very innocent people to be scammed and burn out of pocket.

    Natalie Ledwell wikipedia page is already been deleted due to fake promotion stories and wrong citation so beware and do not spend dime on Mind Movies videos series.

  2. Natalie Ledwell is a scammer

    I am agree with elena, she is dirt cheap manipulator, I have watched tons of his video and mind movies stuff and none of them looks legit, go and read mark cuban, les brown and jack welch to learn about entrepreneurship and leardership.

    Do not waste your hard earned cash to suck her a*s.

  3. You didn't take the course, but wrote a bad review...

    Sounds like you need to stop blaming others for your own behavior. It’s not her fault you in the situation you are in! haha!

    Be honest with yourself about your actions. Take the course – you might learn something.

    1. A.E

      Right. So i take you took the course? Please share with all of us how it went, instead of claiming that everyone here are wrong.

      By the way – Writing “haha!” in that immature way you that did gives off a very strong troll-vibe, you atleast don’t appear as someone that took a very insightful course and learned from it.

    2. Ginny

      Thank you so much for the repliesgiven to these people about Natalie Ledwell. I am in complete agreement with your response, as well as being quite put out as it seemed to me that the persons had no real grasp or any understanding whatssoever about Law of
      Attraction. Good for you and think highly about you speaking out. Was ready to comment myself before finishing the article. Anyway…

      My thought is simply this, some people may get what this concept is about, while others are clueless. Being open minded to alternative ideas can be something like getting ready for a race without having put any gas in the car or no prior training to compete, salesmen making calls with no belief in the product…ad nauseam.

      Natalie Ledwell seems genuinelypassionate while displaying a sincere warmth along with her smile and bright eyes. Her attraction is in her demeanor as she wears it well.

      There is a lot to this backing it up in more ways than one. Some of the most famous brilliant people have stated their opinions and written much information on it as well. Some like it hot while others will swear that cold is better. The real beauty though, is that we here in the USA, have the freedom to express ourselves and not be condemned to severely. Also, the fact remains that (for myself)there is a quality of life here, where what matters to one, may be nil to another. Negativity has no place in my life, where my neighbor constantly complains. So it is what it is…yet wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if more could just smile?

  4. Highly Appreciate Natalie Ledwell's program

    I already sent my testimonial below to [email protected], I’m just copying it in again here. I loved Natalie’s Ultimate Success Master Class, mind movies creation kit and subliminal, so then I bought MM Matrix which has brain entrainment frequencies.

    I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for everything Natalie has created in her company.
    After being on my personal growth path for 30 years, I was still not getting results aligned with my desires and expectations, I was super frustrated. Natalie’s Ultimate Success Mastermind program gave me a lot of calibration and alignment. I liked her new take on stuff I already knew and I picked up some new things too. I am very impressed with her production of the learning experience, it’s tight, skillfully crafted and delivered.

    I tell people all the time about MindMovies and Subliminal. Playing even the stock videos in Subliminal on my computer gave me an immediate mood boost. Then it was personally very relevant to be able to create my own movies with images and affirmations that turned around my deepest myths and stories.

    Then after the USM program, I didn’t want to bite, but I did, I took Natalie and Morry up on the Mind Movies Matrix, which has the brain entrainment tech from Morry. Wow. My ego blazed a new trail of pain and suffering for awhile, so I knew it was working. After a few weeks everything quieted down and literally a Whole New Level of faith in my divine capability arose from the ashes of those tragic subconscious stories. My level of worrying is down to maybe 10% of what it was, a lifetime achievement, and utterly manageable now. My ability to visualize feels unblocked. I feel more connected to source.

    How does it get better? My personal “magic” is online in a much more powerful way than I have ever experienced. Now what I visualize, will and intend actually does come to pass! I don’t have to be jealous of other people “getting it” when I should have been “getting it” too for decades. I don’t mind being a late bloomer, I am catching up, watch out!

    1. Peter

      Thanks for sharing, Octavia. Can just feel your connectedness, your energy, your freshness, your motivation seeping through the words. Gives me hope to one day become a late bloomer myself, just have to continue working – on my mind.

  5. Natalie Ledwell a con artist

    Received a questionaire email, which i did, then it offers some subliminal tapes, which I agreed to pay for.

    Up pops a more expensive course, to which i declined, it popped up again giving free trial which I also declined.

    Then, no receipt given, no contact from company AT ALL, then the following month $452 debited from my card.

    I went onto Mind Movies website. More questionaires, more promises, more sell sell sell crap BUT no contact addresses or numbers to be found anywhere.


  6. Natalie Ledwell a con artist

    Received a questionaire email, which i did, then it offers some subliminal tapes, which I agreed to pay for.

    Up pops a more expensive course, to which i declined, it popped up again giving free trial which I also declined.

    Then, no receipt given, no contact from company AT ALL, then the following month $452 debited from my card.

    I went onto Mind Movies website. More questionaires, more promises, more sell sell sell crap BUT no contact addresses or numbers to be found anywhere.


  7. Amazing Concept Combining "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction"

    Those who are aware of the powerful message of “The Secret” and totally embrace the teachings of those teachers, experts and Masters who, through their examples, have lived it (The Art of Attraction – one of the Laws of the Universe), have learned they have within themselves the power to breathe life into whatever they dream and “live the life they’d truly love to live”. But… it takes studying and transformation and effort on your part. Like those who developed and shared their own ideas, dreams and concepts, Natalie Ledwell has developed and shares an incredible program, MindMovies, to help guide those who learn through visual effects. And her love of all people shows in everything she does. But… you have to do the work in order to find, follow and fulfill that dream of your own; the one that breathes life and happiness into you. Each one of us came into this life with a unique purpose. If you don’t use your gift, you sell not only yourself, but the whole world, short.

    I’m blessed to have rediscovered “The Secret”, and through it, to have found Natalie Ledwell and Mary Morrissey, and all the other incredible experts who so willingly give of themselves so that we may find and live our dreams and help other to do the same.

    “Start now and make a brand new ending. There is no coincidence and nothing happens ‘by accident’.”-Neale Donald Walsch

  8. Will take hundred of pounds out your account

    Appalling customer service. I gave my bank details for their one dollar trial (which should be a free trial, one one dollar!!!! – so they can get your bank account no!) then I got a message from my bank saying do I authorise £260 to be taken by mind movies? so I had to block my card and had no access to money all weekend incase they tried to take more money out of my account. When I have tried on numerous times to email them, i just keep getting pathetic false happy responses and lies that their office have looked into the problem. But I can’t find any such emails and I can tell they don’t give a damn.

  9. Horrible service, product is a SCAM

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