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My DC Movers is Scam

My DC Movers WORST MOVING COMPANY EVER!!! Don’t waste your time or money. Even after reading all of the negative reviews online, I decided to give them a try…bad mistake. TAKE HEED!!!

I called My DC Movers to inquire about moving a studio in unit into a storage place about a 1.5 miles up the street. I was quoted a $240.00 price ($80.00/hr for 3 hour minimal). I gave them a run down of my items and they assured me that they could complete the entire move in 3 hours. Great, I thought….so I scheduled the move with them.

I scheduled the move to start at 8:00 AM, and was assured that the movers would show up BY 8:00 AM. At 8:30 & 8:45 am, I called the company, My DC Movers, and got the voice mail both times. At 9;25 I get a call from a driver with a deep Ukrainian accent saying he’s pulling in to my parking lot and looking for my loading dock. I direct him in and he presents me with a contract from HERCULES SERVICES LLC.

When I asked why they are soo late, they they were suppose to be here at 8:00 AM, he told be that they don’t even start until 9:00 and they were driving from Gaithersburg, MD (mind you they were supposed to be located in NW, DC but we’ll get to that in a bit).

They came in looked around and went to get get their backing equipment. 15 minutes later they returned to start packing. I told the driver that I was assured that they would have me packed and delivered in 3 hours for a total of $240.00 and just wanted to make sure that was accurate. He said he couldn’t tell me that.

Half way into the pack they asked were I was going. I told them a storage unit about 1.5 miles away. The driver suggested that I use them for storage since I was going to use them 4 days later to get the stuff from storage and take to the new place. I called the main number of My DC Movers and spoke with them about storage options. I agreed to store my items with them.

It took them 3 hours to PACK a studio unit in to the truck and everything was already boxed by the time the movers arrived. I know for a fact they were stalling on purpose to drive my time up. When everything was finally packed they presented me with a bill of $540.00, more than double what I was quoted and assured I was be paying.

When I asked why the bill was soo high, I was told because of travel time, both ways, supplies and an additional hour to take the items off the truck once they go to the storage facility. They charged me for travel from and to Gaithersburg, MD from DC. They company I called was located in DC less than 4 miles away.

When I asked about this, they driver all of a sudden didn’t know English and told me to call the main number and speak with them. At this point I had no other option but to pay since they had my items already on the truck and it would have cost me at least another 240 to have them take the items off the truck. I paid and told them I’d see them on Tuesday.

I spoke with My DC Movers that weekend to to finalized the time of arrival for the movers on Tuesday. I also asked about the pricing for the Friday move and he seems oblivious as to what I was talking about. He assured me that I would only have to pay for the minimum 3 hours on Tuesday and he would let the driver know.

On Tuesday, the same drivers from HERCULES SERVICES arrived 45 minutes late (I explained to My DC Movers that they needed to be on time because I reserved the freight elevators for a specific time frame). As soon as the Ukrainian showed up I made it very clear that I had spoken with the owner of My DC Movers and was assured that I would only have the pay the 3 hours rate. He said they they has spoken and all was good.

I paid for the 3 hour minimum and they proceeded to move my things in to the new place. 2.5 hours in to the move, the Ukrainian approach me about paying for additional time because they wouldn’t be able to take the items off the truck and move them in to the unit with the time they had left.

I told them ABSOLUTELY NOT and that I was assured they would complete the job in the time and price I was quoted. He then got upset and started ripping his protective covers off of my items, throwing my items around like trash, aggressively shoving things around. When I ask him to treat my things better, he walked out to the truck and literally started throwing my thing off the truck.

I noticed that they were no longer bringing the things in and loading the elevator but only piling them up on the sidewalk just outside of the truck. Once all of the items where off of the truck he came up to me and said, since you don’t want to pay for more time, we are done.

I noticed that he broke and ivory column and when I asked about insurance he said I needed to call the main number, got in the truck and pulled off leaving my things in a pile on the sidewalk. Moments later it started to storm. Thankfully, I managed to get my things under the over hang to my building and out of the rain before any damage was done. WORST EVER

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6 reviews on My DC Movers

  1. My DC Movers is Scammer

    This company is horrible. First of all they sell your move to other local companies. The person I spoke to was a man name Andre. THE most rudest man I have ever spoken to. The people that they gave my job to was MVD Moving company owned by a Ukrainian guy name Ross or Roc…

    They came to my house to move my stuff and had no protection to put down on the carpet. Completely destroyed the carpet. Secondly they nickel and dime you for everything. Tape $5, shrink wrap $19 for each item. I had to call the police on them because they refused to bring my stuff inside my house unless I paid them more money.

    Oh yeah, you have to pay them before they unload your things. Once the police was called they decided that they want to act civil. Yeah ok! I would never use this company. Save yourself the hassle and headache. DONT USE THEM!!!!!!!!


    DO NOT HIRE – ITEMS WENT MISSING!!! I am missing a box of electronics worth $1200! The company is unwilling to do anything to correct the situation..

    Out of the three person team that was sent the foreman was professional and a hard worker along with one of his other co-workers. The third person on the team was fairly negligent with my belongings and showed a lack of concern when asked to be more careful.

    Although the prices are reasonable and they include a decent selection of packing materials gratis, it is not worth it in the long-run. The credit card facility was not working either.

    Hire a company registered with the Better Business Bureau and visit the government run website for referrals.

  3. Thank you My DC Movers.

    Thank you My DC Movers. Everything that was said how the move would go did. Moving with this company was easy and affordable. They gave me a fair price and they honored it. Moving itself wasn’t a fun experience but these guys made it smooth. I appreciated their help.


    I was moving from a town house in Georgetown to a two bedroom apartment in Dupont. I had a specific window of time set for the move – the apartment manager blocked off parking on the street and prepared the elevator for the move. I had a three to five hour window.

    Seems like plenty of time considering we had boxed literally everything we owned other than large furniture and had everything waiting beside our door. Not to mention we had already been taking several loads of property to the apartment in our cars while waiting for the movers. Five hours for two people is plenty.

  5. Very good service .

    Very good service [email protected] strong guy and a truck came on time took all my furniture without any scratch and broken .

  6. Best moving service in DC area

    I had very good experience with this moving company. Very fast, very polite, very cheap. I don’t know who can put negative reviews about them…

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