Nollywood Actor Cyber Romance Blackmail Fraud scam on IG

Nollywood Actor Mike Ezuruonye

@mikeezu official has over 500 fake Mike Accounts on social media, Mike scamming women world wide on IG, FB, Twitter and Dating sites, I have started a Revolutionary Campaign against Mike Ezuruonye and this Vile Scamming Crime here on IG social media. Mike Diva Scam Squad, and Victims Unite, and want JUSTICE too many Victims, and emoionally damaged, and thousand of dollars scammed and stolen in his name, and Victims blackmailed, and for money, the Mike Ezuruonye and these fake accounts send their cocks, so mastturbating, and romance vulnerable women to strip, if they do not send more money, then their Nude pics videos will be exposed on social media, Mike we have saved 100s Victims. Have evidence of this sick crime.

WE now have a solicitor to prosecute Mike Ezuruonye these 500 fake Mike Accounts using his Identity to scam on social media for over 6years.

WE Victims Unite want JUSTICE, and Mike Ezuruonye and these Fake Mike Ezuruonye, and theives, and criminals need to be removed from social media so Women, and children are safe.

Please contact me Urgency this is Serious.

Best Regards

Sandra Seaton

MIKE EZURUONYE is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
First MIKE EZURUONYE is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by MIKE EZURUONYE’s consumers?
There is/are 5 review(s) posted about MIKE EZURUONYE and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is MIKE EZURUONYE located?
MIKE EZURUONYE is located at Nigeria Unnamed Road, Nigeria. You can contact MIKE EZURUONYE by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by MIKE EZURUONYE’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $10000 was the total loss incurred by MIKE EZURUONYE’s customers.
The reviews, complaints and scams about MIKE EZURUONYE are deliberately written by jsd45. We, at Dirty Scam are not liable for the content written about MIKE EZURUONYE. If you have any issue with MIKE EZURUONYE incident report, Please contact the author of this complaint directly, as we are not obligated to remove the complaint.

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5 reviews on MIKE EZURUONYE

  1. Sandra Seaton

    Mike Ezuruonye Real Fake Lagos Life 500 plus fake Mike Ezuruonye Scammers

    Mike Ezuruonye Big time Heartless Scammer, 500 Fake Mike Ezuruonye all beleive they are him, his Identity, photos, Footage to play, fool 100k Women, we have proof evidence Mike Ezuruonye you are a Scammer shut down these Fake Accounts, so women children are safe
    WE will not stop ? too many Victims your suck Crime Scamming theives

  2. Leila Lewis


    This seems to be quite true for several women have been duped by his and his village boys. You are romanced and then money comes into play and then nothing..He then states he does’nt know you.

  3. Marie

    Mike Ezuruonye

    Mike has scammed so many women worldwide especially in the United States having women do wire transfers scamming them with promise of marriage.
    He even had one woman buy her gown, invitations, rings and everything for the wedding. married her online and then denied he knew her..She tried to commit suicide. There are so many others that have become distraught over what he has done to them..
    He meets you talks to you for weeks, gains your trust and then manipulates you into doing vile and illegal things for him..He takes over your bank accounts, steals your money, places checks into your account that are not any good and then steals the money before you and the bank realize’s it.
    He threatens you with blackmail if you’ve sent nude pictures to him because you really thinks he loves you. He does not care how old you are, he only wants what he can get and that is money.

    He is the lowest of low, no respect for women , he is a sociopath and I hope that he finally gets caught and does jail time for his crimes, the Romantic Scammer that he is.

    1. Cindy

      "Demonic Mike Ezu" I am gonna shut him down!!

      Trust me it is him not an impostor. I have all evidence. The story I have is exactly the same as MARIE’S. I agree he is really a “DIRTY ROTTEN CHEAP SCAMMER”
      All women who have been his victims have to come together and stop this nonsense. IT GOT TO STOP LADIES.

  4. Marie

    Dirty Rotten Scammer

    He searches for you, but most of all he looks for women that he thinks may be vulnerable and then he pretends to be interested in you and will romance you until he gains your trust, once he does that then he starts asking for Itune cards, or do wire transfers for him or take pictures of yourself..He dates you for several months before all this takes place.

    He even goes so far as to promise you marriage, he will claim to come and live with you and then the marriage will take place, but he never shows up, he steals your money or he finds someway to break if off with you.

    Once you confront him then he denies ever knowing you and will then tell you that you’ve been talking to an impostor or you’ve been scammed, while all along he is the one that has really scammed you.

  5. Sandra Seaton

    SHUT DOWN THE SCAM CRIMINALS @mikeezu 500 Fake Mike Ezuruoyne Acoounts

    Toady he is Blackmailing a victim ,Mike Ezuruyone is out of control , so his his 500 plus Fake Mike Scammers imposer , Saharaalbany started a Revolutionary Campaign to help save Women from being scammed World Wide Multiple Accounts his name , pre recorded videos, used to play , fool women, Victims are being used for Money Laundering scam shifting their , dirty money through Victims Accounts , false ,Love , deceit , time they are all shut down on social media, he fake scammer , @mykeezu fake account , my Diva catcher caught him he confessed, Mike Ezuruyone is a Scammer , and Voodoo is being used on women to scam, they command you to send money , I have his confession , 99 % Celebrities are Feaud Scammers, God Bless them for doing Romance Fraud he says, 2019 us Strong Empowering Women who caught you all going to get you pieces of Scum shut down. SEE SAHARA ALBANY WOMEN’S RIGHTS We a`int Stopping , you Scamming thieves are

Reported Loss :10000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Jsd45
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