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When I spoke with the agent from Liberty Mutual Insurance, I was happy, and I signed up for their consolidated insurance. I felt as if I would be having no trouble going forward. The agent was nice and dictated all the terms clearly before I signed up for the insurance policy. When I rented the house, and wanted to add my renters to the insurance policy, I discovered that my agent was no more working with the company and had left long back.

I asked for a new agent and the company declined. They asked me to call their 1800 number to register the request. Whenever, I needed to update the smallest part in my policy, I had to call this number. The queue was always huge, and I had to wait for at least 30 minutes before my call was answered. If sometime, I got lucky to find someone fast, the way they talked made me furious all the time. They were clearly reading the script. Sometimes, they would not even understand my request and other times, their solution made me sulk.

I asked them for a local agent, couple of times and they rejected my request. In September, I got hit while driving. The motorist who ran away after the accident, did not have an insurance coverage. I got my car assessed by a local dealer and got the amount of $4000. I claimed for that amount and the company said that it would give back my down payment of $500 as it was going behind the motorist.

I kept calling them for updates and after nine months, when again I called, they informed me that they cannot help me with the claim as the collection team could not get the money out from the uninsured motorist. They even had the nerve to inform that the money they spent on going behind the motorist was not worth. They asked me to do their job for getting back my money.

I gave names of the agents, I spoke from the customer care department. I even handed the query number and details. I also knew that they recorded all the calls and asked them to go through them. But, they became deaf, all of a sudden.

I wish, I had known this earlier or would have changed my mind once they rejected my request for a local agent. Liberty mutual insurance is a fraud company and their customer service departments are even worse. They lie to their customer to get away with the calls and do nothing as promised.

I had to pay the entire amount from my pocket and they did not help with a penny. They kept telling me to reach the court for getting justice and making that motorist pay for the damage. But, what about their policy that covered me from accidents. I am going to change my insurance provider as soon as I can. They have lost a customer and many more to come.

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Reported Loss :4000 $
Severity of Scam :High
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