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Terrible Communicator

Awful. Absolutely awful. Pinky Sohal was the manager for our rental, and she was terrible to work with. She’s a nice enough person, but absolutely incompetent.

Every piece of paperwork she drew up had mistakes we had to correct.

Wrong names, wrong address, wrong dates, wrong numbers. Every time.

Trying to get repairs was a nightmare. Plumbing issue? Electrical issue? Mechanical issue? Each time, she’d send the same handyman who would not show up on time, or even on the right day, just to say “I can’t fix this, you need a plumber / electrician / contractor.”

Then the owner decided to sell the place, and she consistently tried to violate the terms of our lease and the law. Insisting on showing the place without 24 hours notice.

Insisting that we pack up our things for weeks on end so that they could stage the place for potential buyers.

Insisting we get rid of our pets! That of course we were allowed to have under the lease.

And just to top it off, terrible communicator.

She only wanted to communicate over text message, and every thing she sent was barely comprehensible.

Spelling and grammar mistakes.

A terrible experience all around. Nice person. Terrible realtor.

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5 reviews on Legacy Real Estate & Associates

  1. No insult to car salesmen intended.

    Sherri, I wish I could give you a lower rating than 1 star, but the overall rating of this company already speaks for itself. Worst person I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

    Completely unprofessional, entirely misleading, painfully dishonest and even ended her cancellation letter with an insult — which looks like the norm.

    I don’t understand how any sane person could responsibly place such a large financial decision in the hands of this person. I also don’t understand how a company could employ someone like her.

    Once again, the ratings speak for themselves. 2 stars. Take that to heart. This isn’t just a bad review; it’s a warning. Stay away! Don’t trust them, don’t waste your time, move on, and take a lesser offer if you have to because you’ll actually have a close. I will forever regret having accepted theirs. They make used car salesmen seem like angels. No insult to car salesmen intended.

  2. If the service is this bad when they want you to sell, why even give them business.

    Kurshed Deen sent her associate in his Black Mercedes ML 500 to rind doorbells and leave fliers in the doors of potential home sellers for her client.

    Unfortunately, her associate only waited 10 seconds for us to open the door before stuffing the flier in the door and walking back to his SUV. Once there, the associate sat in front of our house for 25 minutes texting and calling. He didn’t even acknowledge me when I went out to get the flier.

    The one star rating comes from the rudeness, but also from the fact that, after 25 minutes the associate left his car wearing his sagging jeans, opened the back of the SUV, pulled out an EMPTY BEER BOTTLE, and gently stood the beer bottle in the gutter, before getting back into the SUV and driving off…finally.

  3. I'd highly recommend Michelle from Legacy Real Estate any day of the week.

    Ryan, you need to get a life. I flew from North Carolina to CA and Michelle had previewed property for me, had information for me on ranges and areas and was just the best darn real estate agent that I’ve hooked up with in years. I think you should take more time to think about what you are posting before you do it!

    I’d highly recommend Michelle from Legacy Real Estate any day of the week. I also would recommend that no one buy that foreclosure and move anywhere near this guy Ryan. Maybe someone should talk to his Mother about how rude he has been and scaring away prospects who don’t want that type of neighbor!

  4. Michele Taylor is a very professional and reliable realtor.

    Michele Taylor is a very professional and reliable realtor. I know Michele both personally and professionally and I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs assistance in any type of real estate transaction.

  5. but I really felt like Vijay Sher was looking out for our best interest.

    So many reasons why Vijay Sher is the agent you want – he has a great network of real estate professionals, tons of experience in this market, savvy analysis, etc. But here is an anecdote illustrating my favorite part about working with Vijay & Anita Sher.

    We have zero experience buying a home, and one of the pivotal points in our search was when we were starting to get antsy about finding the right place that was in our price range. We looked at a condo in Fremont very close to the highway but otherwise pretty decent and we thought, yea the road is loud, but we could get used to that.

    Vijay sher checked out the property and he was like “there are lots of homes coming on the market all the time.” Good call Vijay ! We are way happier in the house we ended up with – i have a quiet sunny backyard where i sit and write yelp reviews without overwhelming car noise! Not every agent would give advice against buying something quickly, but I really felt like Vijay Sher was looking out for our best interest.

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