Kabbage is right up there with the auto title loan / check cashing place in the ‘hood.

Make no mistake, Kabbage preys on the desperate.

You are far better off taking a cash advance on a credit card to fund a business purchase, or maybe borrow some money from you Uncle Vinny, and hope he doesn’t come for your kneecaps later…


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6 reviews on Kabbage


    They claim to be helping small business in the USA but they are just praying on the small business owners.

    Scam lending institution utilizing a bank and not originating the loans.

    1. They issue UCC liens to go after business than issue against individual guarantor
    2. Charge high fees claiming it is not interest.

    They use unethical business practices and charge exorbitant fees

    This company is a secondary lending agency using Celtic Bank in SLC (268 State St #300, Salt Lake City, UT 8411, (800) 509-6191 Utah)

  2. Run away from this business!

    Run away from this business! The rates they charge are too high, their customer service constantly calls you for questions even though your account is in good standing. They also will lower your credit limit for no reason and you shouldn’t let them have password access to any of your accounts for their verification.

  3. This should be illegal.

    If you are low on cash, their automated system will continue to attempt to pull money from your account, down to your last dollar and they will just tell you that they have no control over their system. So, their computer is running the business and their computer does not care about you.

    They don’t communicate well within the company to the point that they could call you and you could nicely say that you can’t talk and will call them back later and then 20 minutes later you will get a call from someone else at their company bothering you while you are trying to work.

    They use different phone numbers to trick you and they will use different names for their company to attempt to pull from your checking account, even if you demand that they don’t pull. This caused me many many overdraft fees because I told them the money wasn’t there and they would not stop the withdraw. This should be illegal.

  4. This month they have made me so short I don't know if I can make payroll!!!!

    The worst. I thought usury was against the law. These companies masquerade by “helping” you when you are experiencing a cash shortage and then take outrageous payments directly from your checking account. This month they have made me so short I don’t know if I can make payroll!!!!

  5. Be very careful!

    They sent my account to collections even though it was paid in full, and nearly two years later I am continuing to receive collections calls because of this. I have tried contacting Kabbage on several occasions and they continue to give me the run around. I am worried my credit is being affected by these false collections accounts. Be very careful!

  6. We worked with Chris Williams on our BIZ LOC application who patiently explained their business model and processes.

    We worked with Chris Williams on our BIZ LOC application who patiently explained their business model and processes. The Kabbage website/portal is one of the most user-friendly platforms–easy to understand and maneuver while in-depth on details.

    We were invited by the awesome Annie York and her research staff to come visit their Atlanta office and was warmly greeted by everyone. They took the time to walk us through the funding portal and addressed all our questions and concerns.

San Francisco CA US
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Reported Loss :2232 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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