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Nugent will not be taking advantage of my wallet again!

We had an appointment the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we got a call the day of the appointment by the gentleman who was to have done the work saying that he did not know he was scheduled to be at our house that day.  He has done great work at our house before. So no one came and did the things that were scheduled:  hook up new sink, garbage disposal, DW and gas range.  My spouse took the day off work so someone would be here while I took our dog to get her chemotherapy.  I had to call back to the Nugents office to reschedule and was told that they thought the plumber would have just rescheduled with us.  I called today to verify our appointment for tomorrow (a 6-8 hours job) and they had to place me on hold and go check.  It really is not impressive if you can make an appointment, but you can’t keep the appointment.  We feel that we got screwed out of Thanksgiving by people that can’t manage a damn schedule!  Perhaps their good work of the past is in the past?

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  1. John Nugent & Sons Is Scammer.

    I’ve used them before, but will never use them again. In a recent service appointment to repair my AC, they charged massive mark-ups on the parts (by more than 150%). Their coolant charges are exorbitant as well, far higher than competitors in the area.

    I have since discovered that there are far more cost effective service companies in the Alexandria area for AC service. And I’ll be seeking their support from now on. Nugent will not be taking advantage of my wallet again!

  2. Dont Use this Company

    I contacted Nugent & Sons to address an HVAC issue. On the plus side, they were on time. On the con side, they charge $95 to come to your property and “diagnose” the issue. Within about 15 minutes the tech determined that I was low on refrigerant, and his initial investigation suggested the leakage was occurring from my indoor unit’s coil.

    However, he said I needed to pay an additional $509 to confirm the leak! When I said that I was paying for the issue to be diagnosed, he said the diagnosis was in identifying that I was low on refrigerant.

  3. they did several odd items around the house in one visit.

    they did several odd items around the house in one visit. I won’t complain about the quality of the work or dealing with the office. However, their fee was outrageous.

    Nearly $200 to replace a thermostat and $150 to replace a light switch. Unfortunately my spouse was the one at home and didn’t first ask for an estimate. I absolutely will not call them again.

  4. Bad Service Provides.

    My heating system wasn’t working so I made an appointment for a technician to come out and repair it. My adult daughter was at home and was initially told that the pilot light was out and the technician fixed it. However on further inspection he discovered a hairline fracture and told

    my daughter that the heater was unsafe and we couldn’t use it because we would be killed by CO2. He left a proposal for a new system – one for $2,679 and another for $3,474. I spoke to him on the phone and requested a price for replacing the AC unit as well and received the proposal via email.

  5. More companies should be run like this!

    Always freindly service and technicians, who actually take the time to explain why something isn’t working. Very quick to come out-even during their busy seasons-and they call you before they arrive.

  6. I'd highly recommend not going with this company.

    Similar to another reviewer, I’d highly recommend not going with this company. They gauge you on not only prices for repairs (and refuse to even tell you what your money gets you) but also try to slam you with a $100 estimate fee. Come on… in this day and age, people get many quotes for services,

    so no need to rake customers over the coals for a stupid fee to come out to your place. Also, their availability is pretty bad, and their customer service stinks. There are way too many other companies that have better prices and better customer service. Big thumbs down on this one.

  7. Dont use this Company

    Called for a broken hot water heater. Came out and said I needed to replace the gas valve for over $700 or, preferably, the whole heater for $2500. Courteous but adamant that was the problem.

    The price for the latter (changeout) did not match what was in the book they were using for pricing, as an FYI. They charged $95 for the call.

  8. Never serviced, just working, and silent!!!

    Although the people at Nugents are very nice, their performances are poor. They installed for us a brand new dual furnace/heat pump system 24 months ago, and it finally worked properly after dozen of visits of Nugent’s technicians. Four thermostats later, relining, etc.

    it is nowt heating/cooling properly. Do not go for Nugent unless you are very patient…. We had another system installed by Petro almost at the same time, it has been working great since the beginning. Never serviced, just working, and silent!!!

  9. I will never, NEVER, do business with these guys again

    I asked these guys to replace a kitchen faucet. I provided the faucet. They refused to give me an estimate beforehand, but I was in a squeeze, and told them to go ahead. The job took less than an hour, and I was charged $253!! With these rates, they should have looked over my will while they were at it.

  10. but there may be room for a second chance.

    Around mid-week, last week, I received a call from Service Manager Walter. Walter seemed very reasonable and understanding of my frustrations. After a lengthy conversation, in which I believed him to be very respectful and genuine,

    Walter asked what it would take to win back my business, offered a solution, and said I wouldn’t be charged if the solution didn’t fix the problem. I appreciated Walter taking the time to call me and genuinely attempt to win me back. My interaction with this company got off to a rocky start, but there may be room for a second chance.

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