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Awful con artist james taylor of www.profit.co.uk

Alex McDermott aka alex reid now works for James Kevin Marnley also known as James Taylor and his call girl mrs Emanuela De Tillio who now live overseas.

Do not buy a business from any of these crooks, as they are in hiding due to having a few serious people after them but still trying to SCAM money from customers by selling EBAY accounts and SCAM travel websites all over Daltons and also Businesses For Sale websites, he owns amongst other dodgy sites






and also many others to try and steal money from customers.

Alex Reid in up to his neck in this with James and is as guilty as the well known internet scammer so be warned, alwys ask to pay with PayPal and always check the background of any business and person you are looking to do any business with – usually a face to face meeting will put these crooks off as of course they don’t want to to risk getting caught out and lisa matthews is involved also

Unluckily for them, we are the eyes and ears of online justice and will stop at nothing to prevent more innocent people from having their pensions, their savings, their college funds and their livlihoods drestroyed by these merciless penny pinching SCAMMERS.

James Taylor and Emanuela De Tillio use the above websites to pedal illegal EBAY accounts and recruit people from within the UK do do their calling and emails for them so they can take no risk and stay anonymous, but it doeesnt take mucch to find out who is behind it all and if you are buyig any kind of business you should always demand to see limited company details for the businesss and the name of teh director you are paying, always ask for photgraphic ID also before making payment and always pay on PayPal, then at that point you are should be fairly safe – use your common sense and if its EBAY or travel based or even Dropship based then the chances are that you will be buying from these SCAMMERS.

Dropship doesnt make money, simple but this is why James Taylor and Emanuela De Tillio sell them as otherwise they would run these businesse themselves.

They have a string of closed down businesses scattered over companies house in their various names and also various addreses including Barton Drive, Darwin Crescent and more recently Peasland Road and Buckland Brake all in Devon, UK and they use formations companies occasionally to set things up from snub addressees also as this makes it harder to locate them all when things go wrong.

Various phone numbers and emails get used but again, use your common sense peoplee and researdch everything and everyone fully – you will see that James’s history of being a con man goes back almost 10 years on Google and now he leaves fake reviews on other businesses and has conversations with himself on his own forums in order to try claw back his dwindling markket share – the people have spoken and the people have a right to the truth – not this fanaty world he creates for himself

Alex Reid needs to be very careful not to get dragged down in the same pit that James and Emanuela are in as it wont be long and him and also Lisa Matthews will be all over the net for the same reasons, as will anyone else who comes in to contact with the SCAMS that these two crooks run.

James pretends he is a businessman and has been in business online for years and in part this is true – he has been an active internet SCAMMER and con man since around 2008 from our research and there are documented cases where this has been proven over and over again.

Avoid all of these criminals like the plague and make sure you are entirely safe with who you choose to do business with – demand annswers and if they cant or wont provide them, report it and then walk away.

By reporting it you are helping other possible victims to not fall in the same trap and not sufer the emotional and financial stress that being conned will surely cause them

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2 reviews on James taylor

  1. Horrible individual

    He has changed his name more than most people have changed their socks and close down more companies the most people have had hot dinners and if you think about doing business with this person you must be crazy giving everything you can read since 2008 on Google and the names of James marnley, james Marley and James Taylor all torquay devon.. now scamming from italy and spain

  2. A thoroughly horrible individual

    This guy has changed his name more than most people would have had hot dinners and closed down more companies than most people have changed their socks and if you are thinking about doing business with him then check his history out on Google as either James marnley of Torquay Devon and James Taylor of Torquay Devon and he know resides between Italy and Spain and is scamming through Europe

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Roma 00187 Lazio IT
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Approved Date:May 12, 2018
Reported Loss :12000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : svenanderson222
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