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I can't recommend him highly at this point.

This is mixed bag review. I manage several properties in the DC/MD area. After reading the reviews on Dirty Scam, I contacted Mike. He was upfront about his pricing and knowledge about the work.

I had several jobs for Mike. We started with a relatively basic job so that the work could be evaluated in light of bigger jobs to come. I found Mike to be very slow about responding to requests and communication, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. When I mentioned it to Mike, his response was that he is busy on multiple jobs and doesn’t always have time to respond. I decided to proceed with the job so I could see what the work was like. The job involved step repair and threshold replacement. His crew came and was very professional and did excellent work.

Because of the good job that was done, I proceed with a second job request. The second job never really got off the ground. Communication response time from Mike was painfully slow. He did do a site visit where he went to the second property to evaluate what needed to be done. After the visit, he was supposed to contact me with an estimate. I didn’t hear from him. Two days later, my tenants contacted me and said “Hey the contactor said he was coming back today but he’s not here. What’s up?” Mike hadn’t told me planned on going back that day, so i was caught off-guard. When I contacted him, he said he was still looking for materials for the job. Since it was a weekend (Sunday) I asked him to contact me the next day so we could get back on track. He never called. I waited 5 additional days before finally deciding to go with a more responsive contractor. Mike still never responded.

As a result, I would grade him a 1.5. The work on the one simple job by his crew was great. But because communication and responsiveness is so important to me, I can’t recommend him highly at this point.

If you are good with no communication, give him try. But if customer service, customer experience, and timeliness (especially for an urgent job) is important to you, probably not your guy.

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3 reviews on Holmes Handyman Services

  1. Holmes Handyman Services Bad Service.

    This review is for work done over two ago so perhaps things have changed. I hired Mike to spackle and paint a small area for a condo I rented out. I was out of the country and not able to review the work. I received an invoice that was more than we agreed although Mike revised it back to the agreed amount after I asked him to.

    When I returned months later, I found that he did paint and spackle but didn’t sand down the spackle flush to the wall so I have several spackle mounds where he did his work. I contacted him to request he fix it. He did respond to my email and promised to fix it but then wasn’t able to come during the period I was in town. As I return home again, I’m still disappointed that I paid for that level of work.

  2. I respect the great work that he does and I highly recommend you use him for whatever your handyman needs might be.

    Each time I have been extremely pleased with the quality of his work and the reasonable price he charges. The first job that Mike did involved repairing broken pipes in the wall behind our kitchen sink. His work stopped an on ongoing leak that we had for weeks.

    He then installed a new kitchen cabinet to cover it up. He also reinstalled shower and shower walls. Most recently, he put up walls in our basement in order to create a new bedroom. He has also painted our basement floor and repaired and replaced drywall in our house.

    Mike is very reliable when it comes to quickly responding to requests for a job and he even recommends additional things that would make the job better. He uses the cash app so it is very easy to make payment even if you are not able to meet him in person.

    He is a very nice guy and very honorable. I respect the great work that he does and I highly recommend you use him for whatever your handyman needs might be.

  3. The price was very fair

    I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to install a temporary wall in their apartment/house. He and his team were incredibly professional- showed up early, explained what they’d be doing, and cleaned up after they finished. The price was very fair, especially for how well the wall blends in to the apartment.

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