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On 3rd of August, Mr. Kevin Coleman came in contact with me. He was a salesman. I decided to appoint him for the work. He also wrote up that order, which was a scam on me.

I also met Ops Manager Mr. Richard Blackwell who used to work for Fast Contractors on 5th of August. I made a $2000.00 payment to him for completing one concrete work at my house.

I made this payment six weeks back.

I used to have three numbers of them. I am calling them constantly but there no response. Every time, their answering machines are answering to my calls.

Now I feel that either they are too unprofessional in their business or it’s a scam. I have never ever faced such situation in my life. So, buyers, beware of this company! I also came to know that Mr. Kevin Coleman is no longer working in the company.


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  1. Fast Contractors LLC Does Not replied yet

    Still I did not heard back from Fast Contractors LLC

  2. FAST Contractors Should be out of business

    In Julyof 2016 I called FAST and requested a quote to repair several cracked sections of my driveway. Randy Cook came by, did measurements and provided a quote. We agreed and set a date. When the FAST crew showed up I was informed by one of the crew that he was my supervisor and this was his first supervisory job. That day they did the breakout and frame-up work. Two days later they came to pour cememt, and at first the job looked good. However, it was Friday afternoon and the crew wanted to get home, so they said they would clean up on Monday. Only problem is, they left large areas of slopover on the sections of old driveway, all over my new iron fence and on new windows that Ihat I had installed 2 weeks earlier. My wife decided to clean that Windows and we found that the slopover from the cement job actually etched the new Windows. Now we had several hundred chemical burns on our new Windows. I called FAST and Randy came out to inspect the damage, took pictures and said he would get back with me. On the same day, the clean-up crew showed up, removed the forms and all their equipment and left without cleaning up and without leveling around the new slabs (which was supposed to be part of the job). They were also supposed to power wash my fence and the slopover on the old slabs. I called the office, (got Mike, the ops manager). He said first of all, they deny damaging our Windows and they can’t power wash anything because their crew broke the power washer. This went on for a couple of weeks, so I withheld the final payment, got an estimate to repair the Windows and bought my own power washer and sand to level around the slabs. Since we were getting no service from FAST, I completed the clean-up myself and sent FAST a final payment, minus the cost of repairing the damaged Windows. We received no further communications from FAST, and to this day they have never cashed our final check. We also received a certified letter from the concrete supplier that FAST uses that said FAST did not pay their bill, so they intended to file a lien on our property. We sent a letter from our attorney back that said they need to go after FAST, be cause we paid our final bill. No further action happened regarding the cement supplier. Now, 4 months later, one of the new driveway slabs is starting to delaminate on the surface and that slab has also developed a crack. We called FAST again, but have received no communication since and they have still not cashed our last check. Long story short, I would never recommend this company to anyone. They are liars, do sloppy work and don’t do anything follow up. Pretty lousy contractor.

  3. Fast Contractor

    Hey John,
    I am totally agree with you and Randy Cook know nothing and Fast contractor has appointed them.

    he was fired from another company and Fast has hired them as a cheap Supervisor, I have gone through the same issues.

    why this company exist, that the real reason.

    Printo Sino

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Spring 77379 TX US
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