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Be forewarned, this is going to be a fairly lengthy report, and it is not going to be positive. Stick around and read it all, and you’ll see why I gave ETD this rating.

My mother ordered these lights for me (they were supposed to be a surprise for Christmas) on December 3rd, 2017. She paid ETD, and received an e-mail confirmation that her payment was received, and this was the last contact that was made between her, and ETD. Not only were the lights not shipped on-time for Christmas, the lights never shipped! My mother had to inform me at our Christmas get-together that the lights she ordered me were never shipped, despite 15-20+ phone calls, 10+ e-mails, and multiple failed online chat attempts, and that she was attempting to get her money back through Paypal. Thankfully, ETD was not able to scam us due to Paypal’s services, but the negative list goes on… Paypal required a response from ETD within two weeks, or they’d charge back our money and give it back to my mother. At this point, both of us were frustrated to the point that we didn’t want the lights, and didn’t want to deal with this anymore, and we just wanted the money back. One day before ETD’s two-week time limit was up, (January 4th, 2018), they stated that they were not willing to refund our purchase, and about 30 minutes later, an e-mail was sent to my mother’s inbox that stated that the lights had just been processed and would be shipped the following day. The lights did not arrive until today, January 8th, 2018.

So, here’s a list of reasons why I, nor any of my family, will be purchasing any additional products from ETD in the future:

– Shipping was EXTREMELY LATE, even AFTER the financial dispute
– Order was not shipped AT ALL when it was purchased
– Very nearly scammed my mother out of her money ($138.96)
– SORRY customer service, they did not return ANY of our phone calls or e-mails whatsoever
– Were not willing to give my mother a refund when it was requested
– Shipped product when instructed to give us a refund instead (VERY INFURIATING)
– No discount was given to us WHATSOEVER for the MASSIVE inconveniences we experienced
– Did not provide priority shipping when shipped to my house for inconveniences, standard shipping was applied. Receiving package took four business days, even though ETD(Florida) is only three states south from me (North Carolina).
– Abysmal disregard for consumer and customer satisfaction with their products and experiences

If you’ve taken the time to read that whole review, I applaud you, and I highly suggest that you stay away from Extreme Tactical Dynamics if you don’t want to deal with shoddy customer service, scamming, and MAJOR shipping issues. Thank you, and have a great day.

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Approved Date: January 8, 2018
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Reported Loss : 137 $
Severity of Scam : High
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