Dr. Zheng Weiwen

Extremely Rude Receptionists

Reasons why I do not recommend Dr. Zheng Weiwen:

– They are a pain to deal with when requesting to simply re-fill a prescription for my grandpa.

– They gave me a headache, dealing with them back and forth, multiple phone calls, and still couldn’t get the job done.

– Extremely rude receptionists who do not have the best interest in patients.

– They do not know English medicines and you will have to spell it out slowly for them.

– When you have questions, they sound irritated to answer and you can tell the staff does not want to help. Maybe it is due to their lack of knowledge.

– I tried calling them a few times throughout the afternoon and they intentionally ignored my calls.

The reason why I know they ignored my calls is because during some of the times I called, the line was busy, which means they are on the phone with someone else.

– Did I say EXTREMELY RUDE receptionist?

– One time, my grandpa went to this place to re-fill his prescription and they made him wait 5+ HOURS!! That is unacceptable!

If you want to feel disrespected and deal with an unprofessional environment, then this is the place for you.

Otherwise, I would go with another MD. I am glad my grandpa does not come to this place anymore!

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4 reviews on Dr. Zheng Weiwen

  1. Overall, worst MD I have ever had in my life.

    She is all about profit-making and thinks about money all the time. She is super nice to the old patients and impartient to the new patients. She will squeeze two patients at once if she wants more time to make some money so that is why she always has available appointment even if you call her like 5 hours ahead the same day of the appointment.

    She is not conscientious at all and won’t listen to you to tell her in details and she would just have a selective bias base on part of the information you told her. Overall, worst MD I have ever had in my life.

  2. However, I had a bad experience in the office.

    Patients who do not speak English like the office for their “friendliness.” This is a good place if you can only speak Chinese.

  3. FUCKING BULLSHIT!! What's another 10 minutes my goodness.

    Jenny the receptionist is a fucking bitch! I called her the other day asking her if it was possible that the doctor could stay until 5:10 PM (they close at 5PM) because I just got out of work and I didn’t feel so good. In fact, I felt like I was dying. I was shivering, had a headache, felt dizzy, and worst of all, I had strep throat.

    Having strep throat is horrible because you can’t swallow, yawn or even sneeze, it just hurts too much. I was already on my way driving to Chinatown while I was on SPEAKER phone with her. When I asked Jenny the receptionist if Dr. Zheng was willing to wait 10 minutes,

    she told me to hold. I could actually hear her talking to the doctor and asking her if she was willing to stay or not. Jenny comes back to the phone and says, “Oh the doctor left already.” FUCKING BULLSHIT!! What’s another 10 minutes my goodness.

  4. I strongly will not recommend anyone to this office.

    the receptionist letting a patient came after me and have a later appt go first. I confronted the doctor that I should be next. The doc confirmed with the receptionist. Of course, the doc see me first but acting so unprofessional.

    I believe she is mad at the confrontation in front of her existing clients. When I told her I need a pap smear, she was so surprised and asked the receptionist/nurse to prepare the room. I guess she is unaware of the reason of my visit, thanks to person that took my appt (s/b the receptionist/nurse).

    While the receptionist/nurse was preparing the room, she kept giving me attitude and said “if you’re having a pap smear, you might have to pay….”. I just took my information and left. I strongly will not recommend anyone to this office.

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