Dr Michael Echavez

Shame on him for his abhorrent and damaging treatment of me

People treat different people differently. You treat better the people you like and look up to, based on superficial characteristics.I went to him for a consultation. On his website, Dr Michael Echavez claimed to be a Botox and injections expert in SF. His receptionist, Justin, had a rude, abrupt manner over the phone and in person.

When Echavez finally came to the waiting room, he didn’t even smile or GREET me. He seemed REALLY upset to see me. He barely motioned me to go into the examination room. Once there, he rudely told me to sit in the exam chair. He didn’t even invite me to put my bag and coat somewhere.

I was forced to just sit awkwardly with my bag and coat on my lap. Maybe to SOME patients he had some sort of bedside manner, but towards me, he had NONE – in fact, he was just nasty.I told him truthfully and openly about what I was looking for. He seemed very upset throughout the consultation.

He rudely interrupted me several times. He obviously looked down on me. He had an extremely condescending attitude towards me throughout the visit. And I had come and chosen to see him, which meant that he seemed satisfactory to me in the first place.

To have been treated in such a shockingly bad way, when I had chosen to see him, was especially hurtful. In fact, he almost made me cry. I was being so open and honest, and his response was one of constant disgust. The experience was so awful it almost felt surreal.

Then when we left the room and office, he didn’t even thank me, say bye, or any kind of farewell. He simply went to his receptionist and muttered something.WOW. I was shaking when I left the office because of his shockingly judgmental, condescending, and rude treatment of me.

He made me late to my next appointment with a general practice physician. It took me an hour to get to that appointment by bus, but I couldn’t be seen because I was over 10 minutes late. I waited another hour in that waiting room to see if there were cancellations, but there were none.

SHOCKING. I’m still shaking as I write this. Echavez’ treatment of me was so horrendous that I suffered from emotional pain and couldn’t sleep a few nights in a row.Shame on him for his abhorrent and damaging treatment of me. Again,

I don’t doubt the good reviews here. People have their subconscious biases, and towards me, his was extreme. He’s another TERRIBLE example of a plastic surgeon behaving badly.

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