Dr. Joseph Defoto

I Felt His Office Acted Very Unprofessionally

I’d set an appointment for a physical and blood work a few months ago with Dr. Joseph T Defoto as I was changing from a cocktail of 3 pills to a med that was only 1 pill a day.

I’d even scheduled a flight out a day early from a vacation with my family.

1 week prior to my appointment the office calls to tell me the Dr. will be on vacation and we need to reschedule my appointment.

Kathy, the rescheduler, informs me the Doctor popped it on them two weeks ago and that she’d had to call 39 people to reschedule prior to my call.

The Dr. Defoto claimed he’d notified them months ago and said that he was sorry I felt his office acted very unprofessionally.

He’d been a good doctor, but I’m finding another practice.

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4 reviews on Dr. Joseph Defoto

  1. if I could ever actually get an appointment with him.

    He is a good doctor but unfortunately over the last two years has taken on so many patients that he is never available for his existing patients. Over the past two years I have needed to see him a total of five times – all five times he has had no availability to see me within a week of me calling and i have been told to either go to urgent care or that i could be seen by a nurse practitioner within his office.

    It completely defeats the point of having a primary doctor when you can never be seen by him. For physicals, he is not available until four months out. Pointless and I highly discourage people from using him. I would tell him this in person, if I could ever actually get an appointment with him.

  2. I'm not sure these individuals can be taken seriously.

    Dr De Foto is one of the blandest, driest doctors I have ever met. It seems he is more interested in his computer station and dotting his t’s and i’s for record-keeping than he is with his patients.

    When I described the symptoms of feeling exhausted when i get up in the morning, he looked up from his computer and asked – “do you want me to refer you to a psychiatrist?”

    WTF!!!! I had to ask HIM if it could be allergies, and then he said it could be! To add insult to this injury, shortly after this visit, I received notification that he and his office would be charging patients $40 (not covered by insurance) for any follow up phone calls or emails!!!!!

    If you’ve seen some of the positive reviews, make sure you read them. Many are simple enamored by DeFoto because he’s a reasonably good looking 50s something gwm. See Christopher B’s post: “And to boot, he’s gorgeous. Not much more you can ask for in a Doc. Love him.” I’m not sure these individuals can be taken seriously.

  3. Our healthcare system is sooo corrupt on sooo many different levels.

    He has the most difficult office to get through to. The answering machine is absolutely ridiculous. Furthermore, when you sign up with Dr. DeFoto, his office hounds you to come in every 6 months for a physical or ‘visit’. Why? Money of course!

    Most people go the the doctor when they feel sick, not because the doctor wants you to come in. And forget it if you have any monthly prescriptions like for allergies or hairloss or gerd or depression… he won’t re-fill your prescriptions til you come in and (pay/see him… to say… hello)! Our healthcare system is sooo corrupt on sooo many different levels.

  4. impersonal and disinterested treatment.

    eh! bitchy staff and dr defoto is not the best listener. nothing here that you can’t get anywhere else. impersonal and disinterested treatment.

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West Hollywood 90069 CA US
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Severity of Scam :Medium
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