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Dr. Caleb Gaston of Apex Family Medical Clinic will take all your money

I was looking to change my family doctor as her clinic was too far and consulted Dr Caleb Gaston MD of Apex Family Medical Clinic after I was referred to him by my friend. I booked an appointment for the physical test. The lady over the phone told me that I can have the same day appointment as per their policy. So, I reached their office Apex Family Medical Clinic as per the confirmed time.

I was told to wait for few minutes. But that few minutes was more than an hour. I asked the receptionist about the delay and he told me that the doctor was away for lunch. It took him another 30 minutes to see me.

I went to his cabin. Finally, after one and half hour. I told him that I want my physical done and would like to continue with this facility for any further medical query. I also asked him about the insurances that were accepted and he told mine was also a prepaid one. Later, he gave me options for membership plans. It was like he was selling me health insurance. Although, the charges were sky rocketed.

I rejected the plans and told that as of now I would be only interested in my physical done. Knowing that it would be a pre-paid insurance, I did not have any problem taking that decision.

They asked me to give my blood and other samples. They took me to different rooms and everywhere I was told about the benefits of membership plans. I could have changed my mind as well, but when I received the $1000 bill at the reception after the test, I completely made up my mind to stay away from them.

When I asked about the insurance claim that they said can be done prepaid, they completely declined. They said they had some issues with my insurance company and would not allow the prepaid option. I wanted to meet Dr. Caleb who told me it was possible. At first, they did not allow. But because I was too stubborn to take no as an answer. They let me meet him.

I was so furious to hear when he said sorry. As if it was just a silly mistake that could have been corrected by his sorry. He did not even mean that.

So, I had to pay that entire amount. It was the beginning of the month and such an out of plan expenditure makes your entire finance weak for the month. That happened to me. They forwarded the insurance claim after 10 days which was too late. I received the money through insurance but had to go through a lot.

Dr. Caleb is nothing more than a cheater and he only knows how to make money. He does not care about anyone’s health. He even charged me $100 when I got there to receive my test results. They did not inform that on the phone.

I would never visit him again. He is a liar and an opportunist.

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5 reviews on Dr Caleb Gaston

  1. Apex Family Medical Clinic

    Dr Caleb Gaston is reputed doctor and seeing them listed here surely make him out of his attitude, he has to make sure he treat every patient with care and responsibility.

    Luring behind money is not a sing of doctor, doctors considered as a GOD and GOD can’t be selfish. they have to concise about whatever they are doing with their patient.

  2. Dr Caleb Gaston Rogers AR

    I have consulted Dr Caleb Gaston Rogers AR and it was a really bad experience, I have gone through a serious pain back in 2013.

    I do not recommended to consult Dr Caleb Gaston Rogers AR

  3. I was referred here by a friend, I tried to schedule an emergency appointment for a catastrophic surgery, Rachel, the receptionist, was very rude, she kept interrupting me and cutting me off. I would advise you find a different office. I couldn’t get anything accomplished here.

  4. Incompetent Medical Provider

    Scheduled an Exam as a New Patient for sore throat and was seeking a Primary Care Physician in Network with my insurance. Was asked upon scheduling the appt about any medications? Then told they could not see me for a sore throat because of my diagnosis. Rule to remember when filling out your forms as a New Patient and it ask for this info, their office actually used it to determine my visit was about something entirely unrelated. I’ve worked in Health Care for over 25 years and it’s a first for me. Dr Gaston should be extremely embarrassed by his staffs and office Managers poor performance.

  5. impossible to believe

    As a doctor AND a patient I find this review troubling as anyone can write anything legitimized as a “review”. .. Dr Gaston had no idea I was a doctor my first visit with him years ago..I had a severe injury and radiology at a local hospital misdiagnosed my condition and severity of injuries.. Dr Gaston was extremely kind and passionate about helping me. They took more X-rays and he quickly pointed out what could have been life threatening had he not identified it. I have always been seen promptly and even worked in same day for another issue. He is the last guy I know who would be a “salesman” and is always conscious of costs .. lack of communication is the no 1 cause of Dr /patient problems. I can say with certainty Dr Gaston would never intentionally scam or mislead anyone. I now refer many of my patients to him and have received only positive feedback.. I care deeply about each and every patient in my group and my only motivation is their quality of care .. I rarely write reviews on anything but when I came across that scathing review I felt compelled to respond. The civility I write this is difficult to contain.

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Rogers 72758 AR US
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Reported Loss :150 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Gendarukoa
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