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My experience with Digestive Disease Specialists has been ridiculous, unprofessional, and awful.

My GP doctor refereed me to this clinic over two weeks ago and asked for the first doctor available (with the exception to one physician due to a conflict of interest) to perform a procedure as it is very time conscience.

I followed up with the clinic to make sure they had received the referral.

They confirmed they had and told me it would be 48hrs before it would process.

After 3 days I followed up with a call. They were very rude and asked me why I was calling to follow up on a referral.

The staff member said she would leave a message for the scheduler and they would get back to me later that day.

Two days later I had no call so I called back and left another message.

Two weeks had gone by and they called me back to tell me that they had scheduled an appointment with the one doctor I had a conflict of interest.

I asked if they had not noted it in my paperwork and she said she would have to call me back.

No answer just would call me back. I called my GP to see if they could help me and they called this location and the Edmond location.

They told my GP they would call me back first thing the next day.

I received a call from the clinic and they asked me if I would prefer a PA.

I asked if the PA was able to perform the procedure.

The scheduler asked me what procedure? I asked if it was in the note from the GP.

She would not answer but told me she would call me back.

I have not received a call back to date. I have left two messages with Danielle who I am told is the office manager.

She has not returned my call. Almost three weeks of calling and I still can’t even get someone to call me back to schedule an appointment.

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5 reviews on Digestive Disease Specialists

  1. Stay away from Digestive Disease Specialists!

    Stay away from Digestive Disease Specialists!!!! They are very unprofessional and scheming! 3 years ago I had a procedure that I had to pay for in advance and I thought it was all taken care of.

    Well I received a call, 3 years later, stating that even though it was their own clerical error I owe them $600! Do not trust them, and keep all your receipts. Hang on to them for several years as you will need them! Stay away from Digestive Disease Specialists!

  2. Today I had an appointment for a colonoscopy by Dr. Osama Haikal.

    Today I had an appointment for a colonoscopy by Dr. Osama Haikal. I have been a patient of his for years. When speaking with Dr. Haikal, I asked about the prep and told the doctor I don’t tolerate the prep well and usually vomit and get easily dehydrated.

    He said that they were using a different prep and felt that I could handle it. He said it’s expensive but they probably have samples that they could give me. So I made the appointment for 7:10 AM so it would be over early and I would not be concerned about dehydration. They did not have any samples so I bought it at Walmart pharmacy at cost of $89.

    The day before the procedure (yesterday), at 12:30 PM I called the office to confirm my appointment, since I had not heard from them. I was told I was scheduled for the procedure but the check-in time was now 7:45 AM. Still doable for me.

  3. They then billed me for procedures not performed...

    ABSOLUTELY THE MOST INCOMPETENT BILLING DEPARTMENT EVER! Check your bills and insurance coverage . Two insurance carriers and they don’t do coordination of benefits. They then billed me for procedures not performed…

  4. Very disingenuous.

    No matter how early you shown up for your appointment, Dr. Shafi will ALWAYS make you wait. Dr. Shafi will get very behind from his procedures in the morning (I’m told by staff), but won’t have decency to call patients and let them know he’s running late,

    so patients have the option to come in later or reschedule. When you finally get in a room with Dr. Shafi he will spend less than 5 minutes speaking with you. My initial consult was about 5 minutes and he scheduled my surgery. Not thorough at all. My check ups were literally 2 minutes. Very disingenuous.

  5. At least I would hope so!

    I am extremely frustrated with this office and with Dr. Mujtaba specifically. I first saw him in early September and was told I needed a motility test and treatment for my inability to digest food or to keep it down without pain. He seemed very pleasant and knowledgeable.

    It took over a month (actually about 6 weeks) and several phone calls from me before I finally got a date for the test at Mountain View Hospital because St. Rose would not respond with an appointment. I travelled to the other side of the town and had the test done. Here I am, another two weeks after I called to see when I needed to come in to discuss the results with the doctor and I am told that he still had to go to the hospital to read the test and that I would be contacted for a next appointment. Today I called again and was told that there is nothing in my chart and that they did not think he had gone to the hospital yet to read the test.

    They will check and, as it just so happens, he is going to that hospital tomorrow and they will ask him to read the test then. What a coincidence. I have never had a medical professional treat me with such a cavalier attitude. I cannot keep food down without being in a lot of pain. Maybe is he had the same problem he would take better care of his patients. At least I would hope so!

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