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Asking to borrow money

His working for the American army in missouri  his name is Derek  armstrong from  missouri, his date of birth is 7/dec/1965 original  from Franfurt Germany move to America in 1986 ,he have a disable sister and a son who study to be come a doctor and his name is Alex ,his wife  died 2005 of cancer her name was Sue ,he told me for early retirement from the  American army in missouri and he said  he received a call from the army and said he have to go to Nagiria for the next few weeks after 2 days he contacted me and said he don’t have money for food  i ask him why he need money if the American government looking after his military people any way  he keep asking for money and i send the money using Western Union and MoneyGram, Ria , also he talk me to send money to pay for the early  leave and to pay for the Nok , later he said  we have  to pay  a donation to the kids  from the army and i ask how much and he say $1600 and i send my savings  ,and after  he ask me to help to pay  his internet and home phone i send the money later on he talk me his ex girlfriend took him to court and all his bank account was close and he can’t  have access to  his own  bank account i send more  money i feel  sorry  gor him because he talk me he was hungry and he was in a lot of debt also he talk me to help with his plane  ticket from  Nagiria to America i send the money in another  occasion he ask for more money to pay  bill and i talk him ,i already  send all my savings and he said  honey please  help me i promise to pay back and i ask how much he want and he say $ 20.000 i went to the bank and adk for a personal loan  and they approved and i send the money  ,not in his name because  he talk me all his bank account was close and i send the money in his friends name all the time something was happen to him now all together  i send around  $70.000 thousand American dollars  ,all the  time  he talk me he coming to Australia but all the time  something bad had to happen to him ,he make me believe  in him and trusted him but now i don’t have more money he stop talking to me.

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4 reviews on Derek Ozil Armstrong

  1. He did the same thing to me!!

    This man told me his name was oneal Philips Gauthier, he was from Amsterdam, Holland. His wife had left him, then was killed in a car accident along with her boyfriend. He had 2 daughters? Generally when contacted by anyone from the military, I tell them to F off and a huge shame on you! This man was charming and intriguing. He told me he stationed in Syria and needed a new phone. He had specific instructions on what kind it had to be. Coming from a long line of military family, dating back to the Revolutionary War, I felt sorry for him. But, I bought him a phone through verozin. Didn’t take long to figure out what he was doing. He had a FB page that showed a lot of mutual friends, I contacted one, who had never heard of this guy. I was given specific instructions to send the phone to Iowa where a Secrect DEVICE was to be put on the phone? I said no way, what is your fpo and I will send it to you…No, it had to go through this woman in Iowa and she charged 599.00 to put a secret device in it and forward it on to him..I said no way…After weeks of hearing him whine, sulk, pout and complain, I had to send the money to Orem Ut to union bank which in turn went to the woman in Iowa….Ladies, are you listening? Then some time around Christmas of 2018, he wanted iTunes cards to give to his “colleagues”…What he did was sell them..Then all at once Momma became sick and he needed money.Momma had pancreatic cancer. I said no, if she lives in Holland, it’s free medicine, socialized medicine. If she is in the states, she can receive Medicaid help…Somewhere in all this mess, after much prying and pushing, he said his daughters were adopted and how did I feel about marrying him and raising these girls? Hell NO!!!! I said why and how could you being single and in the military adopt 2 children and where are they? Boarding school I was told..I told him no way, if you want me, get rid of the kids…Low and behold next day, kids were gone? Now seriously, how far fetched is this…I have spent since Oct or Nov 2107, trying to track him down..I believe he has taken the picture of some guy and is using his name..He also told him his real name, when I kept pushing why his name tag read Armstrong, Ready for this one….Secrect code??? Seriously? Secret code. He then said his name was Oneal Gauthier Armstrong. All I could do was set and laugh at his posts and of course the more outrageous he became the more I fed him along…He got probably 700 – 800 worth of iTunes cards which he sold to bitcoin, plus the money I paid for the phone and also sent to him. It is well worth it though, because I fully intend someway to catch this crook.

  2. Is he a victim of id theft? I have been in contact with him for almost 9 months. He goes by the name of Oneal Philips Gauthier aka Oneal Gauthier Armstrong. The man in the picture got much money from me…I’m talking thousands..He was divorced, she had a miscarriage and left him, got cancer, was killed in car wreck with b/friend. He had 2 daughters, then he said he had adopted them, then he said no he didn’t have kids, had radiation and couldn’t have kids. Mother from u.s.a. dad from Amsterdam Holland. He is in Syria, always contacted me on hangouts. When I refused to send another $1500.00 to his Mother who “has” cancer, he dropped me. Why is he working at this school if he isn’t actual military? Earlier I defended him, thinking someone stole the real id of an innocent army guy, now I don’t know what to think?

  3. Sick person

    This sick person has been using my pics for a while now I shut down every single fake profile I find. My friends and family report them as well. No military man needs your money never help they may be charming but they are crooks and scammers and scum of the earth!! I’m tired of my images being used this way and have found it very hard to do my job! Good luck and never give people money it’s a huge lie!!

    1. Steve Armstrong contact me on FB…..

    2. Steve Armstrong who wrote this post, please contact me on FB…I have photos I think will help you…It’s a long complicated message and I wish to talk privately…I want to make sure your pics match what I have. Thank you.

    3. I would like to ask Steve armstrong from where the scammer got your pictures he send me plenty of them I’m very confused sometimes I think probably the scammers can be one of your close friends.

    4. Dear Mr Steve Armstrong,

      First, thank you for your service!

      I’ve reported to Instagram someone that I have confirmed is impersonating you.

      I’m outraged by these romance scammers who are stealing military photos!

      Here’s the profile showing your photos:

      Sir Armstrong 5483

      Please email me so I may provide more information.

      Thank you,

    5. Good morning Mr Steve Armstrong, I’m zayda siolaa from Australia and i would like to ask if you can help me to catch this crook and putit in jail ,I’m a single mom 2 daughter’s and i send to him all my savings $70.000 thousands American dollars this money supposed to be for my deposit of my first house now i don’t have nothing also i deposit some money truth commonwealth bank, i deposit $17.000 plase Mr armstrong i need you help to capture that LOW LIFE CRIMINAL WHO ABUSE INOCENT WOMENS also i can provide more information addresses, name’s of people i send money to America and Nagiria also i have his telephono number please email me so i can provide more information thank you very much Mr armstrong, my email address is [email protected] God bless you and hope to hear from you.

    6. Steve my name is Sue I’m so very glad I found you. This guy is still using your profile he almost got me I fell for him hard and fast I felt I was in love with him. But then he got really ugly and started threatening me. Thankfully my daughter was able to block him. By the way you are a very handsome man. Take care and maybe we could be real friends.

    7. I also have pictures please contact me

  4. He got me too

    He didn’t get any money from me thank goodness but he did destroy my faith. I knew as Bryan Christopher Armstrong

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