Not good, BGE Home.

My Spring HVAC check-up in April revealed the need for a potentially failing system part. Grateful for the service plan, I was told that the part would be ordered and installed at no cost. I received a call last week that the part had arrived and that the installation needed to be scheduled, I selected this past Saturday.

I was given an arrival time after 12 noon. When pressed on the arrival window, the scheduler said that she could not narrow the arrival time, but that the technicians stay out until their jobs are completed, and that could be as late as 9pm. I was also told that the technician would call prior to his arrival.

So, with a potential arrival window of between 12 and 9, which was inconvenient, I rescheduled my Saturday, and puttered around the house expecting a call from the technician. No call. No technician. No repair.

I’d like to think that my business is important to the company and that in this age of arrival windows by service companies of 4 hours or less – – with a call-ahead – – I would at least receive the courtesy of a phone call that the technician was not going to arrive. Nine hours wasted, and the potential of now having to take a day off from work. Not good, BGE Home. Not good

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  1. BGE HOME is Bad Service.

    Avoid. The schedulers were polite when answering the phone but they repeatedly reported erroneous information when they should have known better. For example, knowing that my system was no longer under warranty when asked. They said it was.

    The technician when he arrived said,”Nope”. The customer service was terrible in that THEY chose the scheduling window which was already an unreasonably long SEVEN HOUR window and could not even stay within that.

    They arrived EIGHT hours later. They tried to get me to agree to reschedule a four hour window for the next day. No apology. In fact when I complained they defended the practice by saying that Comcast and Verizon are worse. What? That’s no business model. So, if you are willing to wait around and wait around, then maybe they will get to you…

  2. 3 weeks without heat and counting!

    We have contacted BGE home services to fix a geothermal system under their warranty 3 weeks ago. Summary of problems encountered included:
    1) It took BGE Home over one week to get replacement parts for our system;
    2) Repair had to be rescheduled twice over one week interval due to lack of knowledge of our heating system by dispatched repair technician;
    3) We called customer service 8 times since the start of the problem. Each time, customer service representatives were unable to provide up to date and accurate status and case history on our situation due to lack of documentation and records. In addition, customer service representatives are poorly trained, unsympathetic and curt.
    4) We attempted to escalate our case and requested a service manager to call us back on several occasions but are still waiting.

  3. BGE HOME Is Scammer

    After as a BGE HOME customer I am giving up. I pay hundreds of dollars for “priority service” and wait days. Technicians are late, and on my last service call the technician was abusive and disrespectful.

    If you are a woman living in Baltimore City-forget BGE Home. Len the Plumber completed a water heater installation within 3 hours of my call. NO BS, no insults, no abuse. Just help.

  4. Absolutely horrible service.

    Absolutely horrible service. Two days in a row they gave me a 10 hour window and when I did not pick up the phone immediately ( I was on another call) they cancelled and told me to reschedule.

    Wasting my time is fine with them — but not waste a technician’s time by making a second call.

    BGE’s attitude is: we’ll give you a ten hour window and you must carry your phone around with you every minute and answer it immediately or we will cancel and reschedule.

  5. Poor service!!!

    Poor service!!! Do not waste your time with this company.

  6. I had a great experience getting my HVAC unit serviced.

    I had a great experience getting my HVAC unit serviced. Service contract covered the parts, and the tech was extremely friendly and even wore booties

  7. Once again this also did not happen.

    I had an appointment scheduled for after 12, but by 6pm there was still no word from the tech. I called the customer support line and they informed me that the tech had 3 more jobs ahead of me but would be there shortly.

    At 8pm when the tech didn’t show or call to say they would be late or the job was postponed, I called the customer support line once again. This time I was told that the tech cancelled the job and he gave me a call at 6:15 to inform me of this cancellation.

  8. I guess I got screwed

    Takes 1 week to have them order 2 Screws for a dishwasher then another week before the con install the SCREWS I guess I got screwed

  9. Poor service!!

    Poor service!!! Do not waste your time with this company.


    These guys are a joke. Where to start? First off, they give you a 10 hour time frame window….really?! Second off, I had the first tech come out, told me that I was low on freon but said due to the age of my unit it would be a waste to charge up. 1) It’s my money 2) it’s only 13 years old and hasn’t been serviced since I’ve been here 8 years ago.

    Normal wear and tear causes leaks. I then called and had an appt 2 days later for the tech to come out and charge up on freon. Appt was from 12pm on. 9 pm I received a call (!!!) and the first thing the tech said was, “I understand you need a charge up, do you realize when you need a charge it’s because you have a leak.” Ummm….yes I realize. All units leak.

  11. i would have went somewhere else and i would not be writing this letter.

    we have so many options for reliable maintenance on appliances and i honestly made the mistake of calling bge home. Never again! I would highly recommend using someone other than bge home. If i would have been told the time frame at 7am, i would have went somewhere else and i would not be writing this letter.

  12. Another example of poor customer service.

    BGE Home Surgeguard contract — We had the Surgeguard protector installed on our electric meter about 25 years ago. BGE has charged $6.31 per month, $1,900.00 in total, over all those years.

    They have never inspected or tested the unit. I just called, and asked them to do that. They want to charge me $99.95 to inspect it. I would think they would do that proactively, but no. Another example of poor customer service.

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