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Loan Practices Of This House Of Scams

STAY AWAY. Advantis Credit Union is such a headache when it comes to loans.

There are also hidden fees so even if they have the lowest rate it still may not be the cheapest even if you don’t have a nightmare experience like I did.

I’m currently going after them for all the B.S. Put me through on something I was pre-approved on.

They literally ended up costing me thousands of extra and then still screwed me over in the end.

Then they told  to remove this review. Guess what it’s back and I wonder how many other bad reviews they made go away.

I guess wouldn’t remove my review twice. That’s why they had to comment on it.

And for the record I was already complaining to Casey about the bait and switch loan practices of this house of scams.

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10 reviews on Advantis Credit Union

  1. This is borderline fraud!

    I would give this credit union a zerostarif I could. My daughter got a car loan with them two weeks ago and has yet to get the check to pay for the car that she purchased from us.

    They sent the documents to her by overnight FedEx, and they sent the check by regular mail and said it would take 7 to 10 days to get to Bend. We plan to make a formal complaint to the FTC. This is borderline fraud!

  2. Never again!!!

    I’ve been an Advantis customer for more than 10 years, and I can’t wait to leave them now. They’re just not ready for prime time, and it’s been very painful.

    First the problems were with their online banking that stop working suddenly several years ago. It took many months before it was up and running again. That taught me that I couldn’t rely on their technology, and I never used their online banking again after that.

    So I switched over to their automated phone system, because who could mess that up? Well, after using it every month for five years, it just stopped working as well. Again, months later, they got it back–but this time without my credit card info.

  3. Please DO NOT USE this guy.

    I called every month for four months, and kept being told they were working on it and would have it fixed in a few days. Not. Finally, on the fifth month, the rep told me they couldn’t solve the problem and were just going to totally ditch their automated phone banking for credit cards.

    But they didn’t tell me that this also meant that I could no longer even make a payment with a real person over the phone as I had for the previous six months.

    Today, I called to make a payment over the phone with their phone rep, and was told that they don’t do that anyone. Told me to either get back on their online platform or send a check in the mail.

    For every other credit card in my wallet, I can call into an automated system and make an immediate payment, but, for Advantis, I have to send a check in the mail. Wow.

  4. This is completely unacceptable!

    Advantis decision costs members! I have loved Advantis for more than 30 years. However, Advantis recently changed its credit card processor so that members could have better access to card assistance and the ability to change their pin. But at a large cost to its members. In doing this, they eliminated the ability for members to transfer money real time from other accounts to pay the credit card.

    Now when you make an online payment, the funds are taken from your checking account but not posted for 48 hours to your credit card account. So they are taking your money for 48 hours while your credit card balance does not reflect this payment.

    Essentially, they get to make money off of us for two days! I am told that if you call or message them they can make the money available the same day. But why put customers through this second step?

  5. Worst Comapny

    Worst Comapny ever to get a loan through, they charge you 7000.00 a year for car insurance!! Absolutely no communication skills and a total scam!!!

  6. Maybe you should look elsewhere for any auto loans.

    Due to the hassle of my room mates getting anything with this company is bad. With no reason late fees and losing paperwork but still cashing the check that was with it.

    How rude and irresponsible, a bank that can’t handle paperwork good luck to all you in this bad situation with a horrible customer service. Maybe you should look elsewhere for any auto loans.

  7. I would like to say thank you to Samantha,

    I would like to say thank you to Samantha, she is a supervisor at Advantis. I was having issues and was getting very frustrated. After some phone calls were made, she was able to help and fix all my issues I was having.

  8. This is completely unacceptable!

    This is completely unacceptable! I am having a hard time understanding why they would choose a processor who can’t provide real time transactions. I am very dissappointed and am now taking my business to another credit union.

    I should also mention that they duplicated a transaction on my visa that resulted in an extra $4200 charge on my account.

  9. DO not go here

    I ended up pulling all of our funds out of the account because the bank decided to cancel our debit cards without any notice or warning and suspended us from using them for 6 months all because they allowed a transaction go through that over-drafted the account.

    The company wasn’t supposed to pull it out 3 days before they did but that is besides the point. I have never had a bank cancel my debit cards over a mistake that wasn’t my doing,

    now we have to go back to our previous bank and set up all of our bill pay accounts over again because they revoked our cards.

  10. All in all, a horrible experience from a credit union.

    When I went to the branch all I got was, “we can’t help you” I also questioned about some reoccurring charges that were on our account and rather than refunding us for those things and removing them from the account since we did not authorize them,

    they said we needed to look up the number ourselves and talk to the company that was charging us to ask them to refund the charges we didn’t authorize. Basically, another “we can’t help you”

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