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Rip off

Boiler cover, pay monthly, then charge you £75 to come out, taken another £150 out of my account. Want another £400 to fix it, 24/7 Home Rescue rip off.

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7 reviews on 24/7 Home Rescue

  1. A Dirty Scam

    The £75 charge and next day engineer visit is just the standard practice with this scam. Then follows “your boiler repair cost will be 60% of the cost of boiler” genius. “outside of your contract” meaning you pay us monthly and when your boiler breaks down you pay hundreds to fix it, not 24/7 Home Rescue’s problem.

    Shame on websited like trustpilot and moneysavingexpert because they are in this scam and they are having their share of the scam.

    Have a look at trustpilot and the fake reviews they’re publishing for 24/7 Home Rescue.

    Moneysavingexpert are advertising this scam on their website. Who do you think is paying them?

  2. Avoid Avoid Avoid

    This has been one nightmare after another.
    And I would strongly recommend anyone to avoid this company. If there is any doubt, then visit Money savings expert to see the complaints. Unfortunately, the TrustPilot review website for 24/7 may be seen by many as false. About 3 months ago, I was offered a free month direct debit if I put a good review on there. Since then, my boiler broke with an ignition fault. It needed an electrode (£25 spare part). It cost me £75 to call an engineer and then eventually another £100 to get a BAXI engineer. In the mean time, my subscription was raised from £16 to £26.50. The first I knew was when I saw the direct debit. I have phoned to cancel but that will cost me another £144. In general, customer service is terrible, their third party engineers have no idea and the bottom line is that they don’t cover you for an electrode so good luck if you have a serious breakdown!!

  3. Excellent Service

    I have no idea what these comments below relate too, I just had an engineer out and he fixed my boiler within 30 minutes. I even agreed to take a selfie with him for their FB page.

  4. excellent


  5. Hassan Khonat and Ranjen Gohri should be jailed

    Needs to be shut down. Fraudulent operation. Policies are best used as toilet paper because you’re not going to make a claim with them. Even accepting a service makes you liable for a monster cancellation fee. Ranjen Gohri and Hassan Khonat have no morals and neither does anyone else who works there, like Dean who probably wrote the good review below

  6. they one the dodgy company I will take them to the court because of £75 charge of hidden charges please don't buy products and from them, they will rip you of when you log a claim.

    they one the dodgy company I will take them to the court because of £75 charge of hidden charges please don’t buy products and from them, they will rip you of when you log a claim.
    They don’t looking in to your complain at all. They will not give you the independent compliant body detail because they are a dodgy company.
    I will find the independent body detail from Citizen advice people and take this dodgy company to court.

  7. Urgent warning, risk to life

    This company is now under investigation by the gas regulator for compliance issues. I recently referred the company and its engineer Thomas, based in the Northeast, for issuing a CP12 (Landlords gas safety check) when none of the legally required checks were carried out. This company and its engineers are putting people lives at risk, they are caring out unnecessarily and unsafe work.
    If you have had any work carried out by this company and are concerned, then you should contact the regulator, who will be able to help. http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk
    I have been promised 4 management callbacks and no one has spoken to me to date, they refuse to give their public liability insurance details (if they have any).
    I have now canceled the policy and used the direct debit clawback scheme to recover all the money taken by this rotten company. The company is also breaking the direct debit rules and taking a random amount of money from their bank account.
    They are paying people for 5-star reviews.
    They are not regulated, this is not emergency cover, and it is on a one-month rolling contract.
    247HOME RESCUE is a trading style of 247 Home Assist Ltd.
    The engineers are contractors to another company called 360 home response.
    DO NOT USED THIS COMPANY. Directors: GOHRI, Ranjen and KHONAT, Hassan

  8. Cannot believe 24/7 is a legitimate company

    Cannot believe 24/7 is a legitimate company! after almost 2 years paying for boiler cover w had an issue where our hot water would start hot for a few seconds then would run tepit (not warm enough to have a bath or shower).
    when calling 24/7 home rescue to report the issue i was told that they would not come out as it is an INTERMITTENT fault ant this is not covered as they are to difficult for them to fix.
    After further discussions they agreed to send a engineer out as a “Good Will Gesture”. The engineer attended a few days later and identified a faulty part and we were told that they would have to order the part and return to fit it.
    A few days later i revived a call from 24/7 home rescue to tell me that because it is an Intermittent fault i will have to pay for the part and the call out even though my contracts that these are covered.
    Currently we are waiting for a call back from them to try and explain why they will not honor our contract agreement leaving us in a house with no hot water.

    This is a company that is hiding behind vague wording to avoid helping in any way.

    If you’re looking for boiler cover avoid these guys like the plague.

Reported Loss :225 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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