Premier Financial Alliance

PFA is not an insurance company but an MLM scheme

Premier Financial Alliance or PFA is an MLM company. Their game starts when you show interest for their recruitment process. They bring in higher management to teach you the life lessons and how to become a millionaire. People like Jack Wu runs the show and allure people in paying their entrance fee which is $135.

Like every other MLM scheme, they show you pictures of expensive cars with them and the trips they have taken and at last, will say that you can achieve all that too. This is how they attract people in paying. They do not say anything about how is this possible. But, they ask you for the entrance fee before making any remarks or giving you the training for becoming a millionaire.

They even declare themselves as competitive and genuine as Amway and other companies as such. In short, they are nothing more than just smoke and mirrors. And, this fee in not refundable. When I attended their seminar, I understood what they were selling. They were good at selling expensive dreams but that was it. My friends joined their program only to realize that they wasted their money.

But, as they did not have a refund policy, they never were able to recover their money. None of the products that this company sells is ever underwritten by them. However, they are underwritten by other companies and they only are the sales partner.

You can buy these products directly from the company itself instead of wasting your money with marketing companies like PFA. If you will check the cost, you will know the difference in the price you are paying for the product available at cheaper rates from anywhere else.

The bigger question is, they are only sales representatives and not advisors. They do not have the license to do so. And, if they are advising you, it means they are going against law and you can report them to the finance authority.I have posted this report because these guys scammed my friends and are already scamming many others for joining their unreasonable and fake plans. I want everyone to know what company this is.

If you think that they are going to make you rich, you are mistaken. They will take away whatever you have. Have you seen entrepreneurs asking for selling their products? Does any of the huge companies with great entrepreneurs ask you to pay them for something that you have not used? Or, do they lie to you and pretend to be something else when they are not? These all concerns raise big questions against PFA. There is no way you would ever know what they are upto until you are stuck.

After only you pay them, they ever tell you their mantra for becoming a millionaire, but by then it is too late to go back. Hence, do not let this company utilize your money for their profit. You would only be at loss. They are never going to make you rich. Only they earn and become rich.

Is Premier Financial Alliance a scam?
Premier Financial Alliance is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Premier Financial Alliance legit?
First Premier Financial Alliance is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Premier Financial Alliance’s consumers?
There is/are 25 review(s) posted about Premier Financial Alliance and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Premier Financial Alliance located?
Premier Financial Alliance is located at Woolridge Rd, Sprouses Corner, VA 23936, USA. You can contact Premier Financial Alliance by dialing +1 888.867.6533 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Premier Financial Alliance’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $200 was the total loss incurred by Premier Financial Alliance’s customers.

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25 reviews on Premier Financial Alliance

  1. Angela Davis

    Is PFA a scam?

    I have personally been to one of the companies information seminar. The person who is writing that PFA is a scam is giving false information.

    There was no one promising that I will become a millionaire or receive any cars if I become an associate of the company.

    PFA is an IMO (independent marketing organization) which by law is required to have a state license in order to conduct business. They sell life insurance for different insurance companies. The person who is bad mouthing PFA obviously is not telling the truth.

    PFA has been in business for 30 years. If they were scamming people would you think they are still in business?

    I did my research and find that they are legitimate company.

  2. KP

    Our system is scam

    PFA is a legit IMO back by 171 years old carrier. Shoot for 29 years as business owner I have to invest a quarter million each to start up brick and mortar locations in salon and foodservice industry. And every years I have to pay all bunch of fees from business licensing to health to equipments to property and corp taxes. Hell I think the system has scammed me for years.

    Stop crying and stay at your 9-5 working your butt off for someone else dream.

  3. Vicki Doyle

    Insurance is Regulated by Individual States! PFA is brokerand legit!

    1st of all let me That Premier Financial Alliance is a broker of insurance. They are aligned with a regulated industry and an extraordinary company who has been writing insurance in America for a 172 years. All insurance is regulated by each individual state. Car insurance, life insurance, health insurance; all insurance is regulated. As an insurance agent for many years, what I like about this company is that I own my own book of business and that I am an independent agent and I can do many things to help folks utilize or insurance in a better way. They have a product no other company has. The lawsuits that have occurred have been nuisance lawsuits. There has not been one legitimate insurance agent who has deemed the company a fraud or a scam. The Individuals who apply with Premier Financial Alliance are told UPFRONT that the 125 is not refundable. The person is paying for training and given access to classes to help them attain their licenses and learn about state regulated products. The normal route to get a license and attend classes required by each state is considerably more expensive than $125. These lawsuits are ridiculous attempts to gain money for nothing, similar to trying to slip on a wet or at a shopping mall. Or trespassing and trying to sue the owners for injury. The cases have been dismissed several times and the same lawyer keeps trying to come up with another angle to take to court. Its a waste of court time and resources.

  4. Mel

    This post is defamatory! You are very wrong!

    This post about PFA is VERY WRONG!! Whoever wrote this doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Only those who are strong, determined, smart, focused and those who want to be a better version of themselves can be a part of this company. This company is a PtoP business. Everyone wins if you do your job. They’re the top producer of the best product of NLG that’s been around for 173 years! Would a reputable insurance company compromise themselves by making PFA (licensed insurance agents) their number 1 marketer of their products if they don’t have an excellent track record and business ethics? No!! So why even question their integrity?

  5. KF


    The Review about Premier Financial Alliance doesnt even justify the true objection of the company.

    I am a business owner and when I join PFA I have save a lot of Families feom being financially burden.

    The product itself sells and its called LIVING BENEFITS in which people dont have to die to claim.

    And the dreams to Financially free I have achieve in less than 6months together with my friends.

    I believe w2 itself is slavery in which we go to school and others like CEO only makes the profit and not even sharing what an employee really deserve.

    They REINBURSE ME $750 after I PASS my licensure in STATE BOARD.

    All the accusation in this post is a REAL BULL-SH*T. Premier Financial Alliance gave my Family peace of mind.

    My Family now is safe and i can sleep at night knowing i will not use my hard earned money when anything comes up. I alone have insurance and is saving money with higher interest compare to banks which not even going to give you 1%.

    If you want to know about the company I am inviting all of you to check since 45Million people lost their job and this platform will not only help a lot of Family but u will be Financially free.

    Six month doing business with them.. I never ever imagine making 50k in just 2 months. This is me working partime and help people at the same time.

    I am new in the company but like what I have said. Do not mislead to BAD REVIEWS as the 125 you will pay they get reinbursement after you PASS your state license exam and do the requirements so in reality YOU WILL NOT LOOSE MONEY.

    I am glad I have found PFA.

    Thank you for this opportuniy.

    We will continue to do this beautiful crusade and will help people to know and earn money.


Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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