Emad Soliman is under trail for $57 million scam

Dr Emad facing charges for allegedly running a health care scam.
Emad Soliman is under trail for $57 million scam
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Recently there have been news about Dr. Emad Soliman’s, a Yonkers neurologist and president and founder of Westchester Neurological Consultants, involvement in $57 million health care scam.

He also practices at Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital. It was sad to witness the connection of a respectable doctor under the charges of making false insurance claims.

The accused in among six people who were running the scam. According to the officials, Dr. Emad Soliman MD is charged of submitting false insurance claims. He will be facing federal criminal charges as announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Wednesday.

In 2005, a whistle-blower also charged him under the civil lawsuit that was unsealed on Wednesday. After this,  Emad Soliman was arrested from his resident in Westchester County on Wednesday morning. The incident revealed the truth behind these white collars who seemed responsible citizen.

The incidents took place between 2003 and November 2015 at City Medical Associates (CMA). CMA’s employees are charged for submitting false and phony insurance claims to the insurance provider. They made false remarks about the medical tests. They claimed that the tests were performed by the doctors who were not an employee of CMA.

Soliman intentionally let these incidents took place and supported the employees to get away with this by using his name for insurance claims. The employees also used names of other two doctors who were not aware of these frauds.

Emad Soliman was the one who gave CMA permission for using his name for accomplishing the fraud.

Emad Soliman was their ex-employee and used to work part-time. He left CMA in 2004 and started helping the employees at CMA to bill the fraud insurance claims from 2008 until 2015. In return, CMA was providing him free health insurance coverage for which only the employees on CMA’s payroll were eligible.

When Emad Soliman was questioned of his connection with these frauds On June 28, 2016, he lied to the FBI agent. He completely denied of his participation in any kind of dealing with CMA after 2004 when he left working at the hospital and tried to mislead the investigation.

Soliman is not the only one responsible, but Asim Hameedi who is the president and owner of CMA, as well as CMA employees Fawad Hameedi, Desiree Scott, Arif Hameedi and Michelle Landoy were also arrested from their places on Wednesday. They are the ones who submitting these phony claims on his name.

Emad Soliman has been charged under health care fraud and wire fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud about identification information, making false statements relating to health care matters, and making false statements to a federal agent.

The maximum sentence will be for 20 years if the accused are convicted.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has charged the civil lawsuit against these scammers. One of the doctors who was made victim of these false claims has also charged them under civil lawsuit. His name was allegedly used unknowingly by CMA to carry these phony insurance claims.

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6 comments on Emad Soliman is under trail for $57 million scam

  1. CF

    I left his office after being mistreated, by Soliman’s negligent malpractice prescribing at his pill mill , and he almost made me die with his incorrect prescription I was allergic to.

    but his office manager Misha is just as guilty and is a co conspirator, as she was his deputy at falsifying claims to the insurance and making sure to operate illlegally and unethically with a cool smile at the front desk

    I know proof positive of Mishas illegal co involvement because my insurance dropped soliman from the network after Misha repeatedly submitted fraudulent paperwork with incorrect medical history to get my insurance to pay for brand name meds at over $1000.

    After being flagged and restricting me I investigated, and I discovered she was forging solimans signature and writing prescriptions and med reports FOR soliman, and shes not even close to being a licensed doctor

    I hope prosecutors from DOJ see this as I have a lot of information I wouldn’t mind helping to put these greedy monsters away … they are drug pushers with a legal prescription pad to all addictive meds, and The office manager was making it all run smoothly

    I knew I’d see you go down one day, but I never imagined this hard. Misha, you might get a knock on your door next ;-*

    (PS I would love to be a witness for prosecution and testify how I nearly died by solimans hand )

  2. J (add.)

    Do you mean NISHA, the office manager for westchester neurological (assoc.)?

    I looked and yes – it is oddly suspicious that she’s no longer listed on their webpage when her boss was being arrested or investigated.

    This was the cached office staff description for her before it was quickly removed:

    Nisha Abraham
    [email protected]

    Job Titles:
    Office Manager

    Nisha Abraham is the Office Manager of Westchester Neurological Consultants. With a degree in both Psychology and Sociology, Ms. Abraham comes from six years of experience as an office manager. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the office and strives to make your experience at this practice as smooth as it can be. We are always looking to put patient care first so please feel free to contact Ms. Abraham with anything you may need.

    Looks like they are even admitting it with “as smooth as it can be”! Lol

    What gall they had to do this , and for so long!

    Nisha is smart to remove herself, but I wonder how she knew to avoid indictment, maybe she flipped and ratted out soliman?? (Very interested side note ^)

    All I know is, Soliman is one of two pill mills I know need federal shut down, the other being VIKAS VARMA

    I urge anyone who knows about the same insurance scammer like Varma, who runs three mills out of queens and manhattan to report as well. Eventually they all get caught, even “smooth” operators.

    Glad I found the cache of Nisha’s title ….man she pulled that off the website fast!!! DOJ: GO ROUND UP VIKAS VARMA IN FRESH MEADOWS, ASTORIA, I’d say it’s as big a pill mill as Solimans from the looks of it when I sit in his office for 4 hours watching addicts trading pills and scripts

    //end rant haha
    But really Varma needs to be arrested too..

  3. CF

    (Sorry, no edit function and couldn’t t

    1. No Problem.

      We Appreciated your honestly and comment.

      Please share us on social media or with your friend 🙂

      Team Dirtyscam

  4. Liz Murphy

    Westchester Neurology is NOT a pill mill. They conduct urine tests to ensure that the patient receiving the medication is in fact taking the medication.

    1. Yes it is duh lol
      Read again (Nisha lol)

      Dude; the FEDs picked him up
      His SHOP is closed

      Did Nisha Abraham ever get arrested for her involvement and taking part of processing all of that Fraudulent paperwork ?