World Mining Review: Cryptocurrency Mining Ponzi Scheme

World Mining claims to be a cryptocurrency mining company. The management profiles on the website are fake and do not exist. The only verifiable product found was affiliate recruitment program.
World Mining Review: Cryptocurrency Mining Ponzi Scheme
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Claiming to be a British company, World Mining was registered with the 25th incorporation of World Mining LTD in the month of October 2017. The domain ( of the company was registered privately on 23rd October 2017.

The address specified during the incorporation of the company belongs to an address for a company involved in UK packaging which leads us to the dead end. As these companies are unrelated, I couldn’t make any reference to this address related to World Mining.

I was not able to find any verifiable product or services on their website apart from the affiliate recruitment program. You can join their affiliate program for referral commission for free. However, to enjoy the full participation, you will have to spend at least $15.

World Mining – Profiles of Management Team

It was really interesting to find out the facts related to the names listed on the website about the profiles of the management team. Only with few drilling, I was able to find a connection of the images with other websites which are completely different and have no business with World Mining.

COO – Alice Butler -Executive Director  

The image of COO, Alice Butler was found on other links which suggests that the image was staged and the woman in the image is a model.

This image is from World Mining website and here is the other image from another website:

CAO – Ethan Carte – Director of the Analytical Department

Ethan Carte, who have been portrayed as the CAO of the company, was found on various other websites and is again a model.

This is the image from the World Mining website. Here are the other images from various other links

This proposes that the other images present on the website are fake and do not exist.

To sum it up, the company is not true about the people behind the operation of World Mining. Why are these guys hiding behind the curtain, if there is nothing to be scared of? I believe that, if the company is not transparent and is based on lies, there are strong possibilities of it being a scam.

So, it would be wise to keep distance from this company and invest our hard-earned money into something that has stayed for long and is true to its clients.

World Mining – Compensation Plan

The daily ROIs are promised for the funds invested by the affiliates.

  • Server S1: You need to invest $15 – $2025 for receiving 324% ROI which is done after 360 days
  • Server S2 – You need to invest $150 – $7500 for receiving 348% ROI which is done after 360 days
  • Server S3: You need to invest $900 – $15,000 for receiving 289% ROI which is done after 280 days
  • Server S4: You need to invest $4500 – $150,000 for receiving 329% ROI which is done after 290 days
  • Server S5: You need to invest $30,000 – $300,000 for receiving 390% ROI which is done after 300 days

World Mining – Referral Commission

World Mining follows a unilevel structure to pay its affiliates the referral commission. In this structure, an affiliate is on the top and the personally recruited affiliates are placed under him. For example, if the level 1 affiliate recruits other affiliates, they are placed on level 2. If the level 2 affiliates recruit, those affiliates are placed on level 3, directly under them and so on.

The cap is put on level 9. The commission is paid out as a percentage of funds invested by the new recruits.

  • Level 1: 5%
  • Level 2: 2%
  • Levels 3 and 4: 1%
  • Levels 5 to 9: 0.5%

World Mining reviews 

Ema Jones: Thumbs up.. I loved the platform.. Easily accessible and great schemes..

Turner: A good way to earn a lot of money. Profits are not limited anymore with World Mining

Conclusion from the above review

The above reviews are not detailed and provide a very crisp information. A company which has put fake images of its management team, can go to any lengths and posting fake reviews, won’t be that difficult.

I would still suggest staying away from getting involved with the affiliate program of World Mining.

The Verdict

The company claims that it is into cryptocurrency mining. It has also stated that for productive as well as successful mining, it has got the most powerful industrial and private facilities. However, it has failed to provide any information about such facilities.

Another big lie, the company has very gracefully mentioned on its website is that the founders are into mining from many years. They have been able to generate such profits from a long time and are offering tenants with the same benefits.

I have a question here. The company started in October, so as a corporation, their experience does not exist. And, even if it was able to make such profits for so many years, why on the earth would it like to share it with others. This contradict their sole purpose of founding the company.

The clear picture of the company is right infront of us. Similar to their profile pictures, their business models and the claims are just fictions. There is no connection of these to the real world. They are using the Ponzi Scheme to fuel their accounts. The only thing that was identifiable was the affiliate program and this is the only source of ROI payment to the affiliates.

The funds invested by the new affiliates are used to pay the old ones. Once the chain will freeze, the money will stop rolling in.

As we have noticed many times, once the entire network will collapse, majority of the affiliates would be left starving.

Hence, I would suggest taking your time before coming to any conclusion of joining World Mining. They are not worth it. If they cannot be true to its own affiliates, it would anytime turn its back to them.

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