Woman pays $1K before realizing she’s victim of IT Fraud

Scams concerning computers and technology have gone trendy these days. Almost every IT expert who does not gets employed, starts to think about using his/ her brains for nefarious purposes.

The more that government’s thinking about tightening Cyber Security laws; the more criminal minds are developing new techniques to counter their laws.

Forbes magazine reveals interesting facts.

In Russia or China if you have a Computer Science degree you can either work for nothing or work for nefarious purposes and earn a lot.

James Lewis also adds that the central problem here is political and that it is sovereignty.

In US FBI cannot go and enforce American Law without the consent of the country where the actual cyber crime has been carried out. He also terms US laws which he terms inefficient to protect its citizens.

The following case is about one such woman who lost a $1000 because of one such scam. We all have encountered some web pages to which we get directed while searching something. They ask us to pay some dollars and warn us about the Virus in our computers.

We close the webpage, delete it from the history and move ahead.

But this woman seem to not know about these kinds of tricky IT tricks. She thought she had something in her PC and was concerned about her data.

So she decided to give it a try and agreed to the offer.

As soon as she did that, bang on 259 USD were in the thief’s pocket. Realizing this the con-man called her being an Agent from Microsoft demanding for another 750 bucks in return for Apple iTune Cards.

The woman provided him with her card details and not much time passed when she realized, her 1000 bucks were no more.

She did not get anything as she was told, she would get.

The resident called her bank to safeguard her accounts about which the con-mans had information about.

There are no reports of anything more than a 1000 USD taken by tricky IT con-mans but the woman is worried.

She has informed to her regional Police and lodged a complaint against the same in Fraud, Eastwind Court.

While contacted the police, they are still investigating and probably when the investigation comes to an end the woman might be able to get her $1000 back.

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