William Rick Charged for Bribery for School Admissions

Rick Charged for accepting bribers from parents for admission of their kids in top schools.

Wealthy parents like Lori Laughlin, the “Full House,” actress are currently awaiting trial in the U.S. college admissions scandal. In the case that is going on, a denial by the law enforcements, to the misconduct or fabricated evidence was shown by Federal prosecutors on Friday.

This denial, countered, a Boston based federal judge’s,” serious and disturbing” allegations which hinted in agreeing to the witness’ lie and tricking that resulted into parents’ incriminating statements.

The duality of prosecutors was revealed when they confirmed about investigators directions to Singer to “use ruses,” i.e. during the recorded phone calls. But, they denied that this evidence was enough to prove that they had done any sort of misconduct to the government.

The exact words, as reported to the court, by the law enforcers were,” The government did not use Singer to suborn the commission of a crime.”

This comment by the law enforcers, remained unresponsive.

It is to note that 53 people are already charged claim that Singer is the one that should be held responsible for cheating that took place in the college’s entrance exams. He used bribery to secure admission of the children of wealthy parents like Laughlins’.

On the other hand, prosecutors claim that Laughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli agreed to pay Singer $500,000 as a bribery amount to secure seats of both their daughters in the University of Southern California crew team.

A twist in this case came in 2018 October, when Singers’ notes came in sight. His notes indicate that he was told by FBI agents that the money that he was collecting was to be used for university donations and would not be accepted in terms of any bribe.

However, these notes let the defence lawyers claim how Singer had been collecting money by entrapping wealthy parents.

Singer’s notes written in October 2018 claims FBI agents of having informed him to “tell a fib” during the calls by affirming that the money would be used for university donations instead of bribes.

To this notes, prosecutors claim that Singer, is referring to the calls that were asked to made by him as a part of a sting portion in which the FBI had asked him to ask the parents about the money that was yet to come or was coming, but not about the money that had already been collected. And its it for this reason that the FBI had told Singer that the money will be utilised for university donations and not for bribery.

As per the interview notes with Singer, Singer as an answer told FBI on Wednesday, that he,” always knew he was doing a quid pro quo.” And that it was only later part that Singer did not realise, that the money was to be utilised for bribes.

While prosecutors claim that Singer begged to differ by not using “blunt language,” in referring money as bribes.