Edward Banayoti Karma as a Ernest Anderson

I was shocked to see that there were no marks on Edward's timeline before 2015, who is a billionaire. When I looked for more information, I found out that the guy was once known as Ernest Anderson, a former convict.

Edward Banayoti has a long history of scams. However, you won’t find much information with this name. Edward is a billionaire, but the businesses that he owns does not have older history.

Most of them are started after 2016. One was from 2015, but nothing I could find in his timeline. This was suspicious. No one can become rich in such a short span of time, until he or she has done something illegal. In case of Edward, there was no ancestral fortune listed on his name. That made by suspicion even clearer.

There are certain things that I practice while researching for a company or an individual. After I heard Edward’s name during a sale of 49.9% share of Air Malta, which his company applied for, I got involved in researching about his endeavours. His company listings were all after 2015 and the most unusual thing that seized my attention, was the addresses of those companies. The companies that he is associated with, have virtual addresses, where a company only have the mail access and no physical existence. That was with all of his companies.

Ernest Anderson to Edward Banayoti

There were few questions that started nudging me. How did he get so rich that he proposed to buy the minority share of Air Malta? Why I could not find any links that dated behind 2015? Why his companies do not have a physical address? And, if he had nothing extraordinary to his profile, why government of Malta was favoring him? Did I mention, when he offered his deal for buying the share for Air Malta, government breached the negotiation terms with Alitalia, to talk to him in private before the talks with Italian Airlines were terminated.

These instances made me curious to find more links about this man. I was trying to eliminate all the possible answers that appeared to be exact match for my confusion and one fitted right away. A person with such a stature and having no former online appearance is only possible when he has another name to his character. Luckily, I got access to the Ontario gazette. This pdf popped out when I searched for Edward Banayoti. It has the list of names that were changed on 21st March 2015. This document solved most of my questions that were bothering me. Edward, a billionaire with vast interest in aviation and defence in Canada, was once known as Ernest Anderson.

And this solved the puzzle. Then, I searched for Ernest Anderson and the results were shocking. A man, who has made his journey from a scammer to a billionaire, was something that I expected the least. Ernest Anderson has lots of legal conviction on his name. He started a company with the name Golden gates which provided mortgage investments. However, in real, the company was a Ponzi scheme and was started to fund the older investors. Around 150 investors funded this company for the worse.

Ernest Anderson, who represented himself as the investment advisor, did not have the licence to do so. His company was illegally operated. When his company collapsed in 2007, he left his investors bare handed. There were lots of cases registered on his name. Finally, Ontario court heard the case and levied a penalty of $4 million. Although, he confessed about the fake mortgage investment scheme, the court could not put him to sentence as it was not authorized to. Hence, he was set free. The interesting part is that, he never paid that amount of penalty as well.

In 2015 March, he changed his name. Right before changing his name, he married Aisha bint al Hussein from Jordan, who was sister of Abdullah, the present Jordan king and daughter of Hussein, the former Jordan king. This served as a catalyst in making his freedom at ease. Initially, when I searched for Edward, I believed that he must have found the fortune after marrying Aisha. But, I carried my search thereafter to eliminate any possibilities that may have to do anything with Edward. Later, he got divorced in June, after his intentions were served for good.

More to the life of Ernest Anderson

Ernest, from Russia who changed his citizenship to Canadian, has a lot of hidden secret to his journey as a billionaire. One that I was able to reveal, and I am sure there are other sore truths that are still screaming to be heard. Ernest is not his real name. When he changed his citizenship, he changed his name to Ernie Anderson and called himself as Ernest, later realizing that Ernie was a pet name. So, what is there which he is hiding behind his other name/names. I was unable to get access to the government gazette as there was no online system back when he changed his name to Ernest.

When Ernest started his company, the Golden Gates, his address was a virtual one. He has continued that trend till date. The companies which he started after changing his name to Edward Banayoti, have the similar addresses. In UK as well as Canada, he is using the same post office addresses to scam people. After he was found guilty in 2007, the court barred him from carrying his investment profile until his death. But, he changed his name to keep continuing the same scam.

The Verdict

I would not be surprised to know if he disappears again. Edward or Ernest, whatever you call this guy, he will always remain a scammer and a con artist who likes to live by aliases. I would be looking out for more information on this guy and would update you once I have got something important. It would be advisable to find another option, for those who are looking to associate with this guy.

People lost their hard-earned money when he shut his company, Golden Gates back in 2007 and few lost their life savings as well. However, he did not repent for whatever he did. His actions are a proof of his cold heartedness. He would fit behind bars and not making exclusive deals in open.

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