WeWe Global came up with Ponzi LyoFI and LyoPay

Luiz Goes, a WeWe Global promotor, runs a Ponzi scheme, LyoPay, LyoTrade, and LyoFI, by accompanying criminals like Jose Gordo from Dubai.
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Private parties registered Lyofi’s domain for its website (“lyofi.com”) on July 30, 2021. WeWe Global revealed the company in partnership with its own company in October 2021.


BRN: 2073860
Skeleton Bay Lot, Tortola BVI

It is believed that the BVI is a scam-friendly state which scammers use only to create shell companies. Any MLM business linked with the BVI is a definite due-diligence warning sign. On the bottom of the LyoFI’s website, this information has been given:

“Digifi Group LTD” is a subsidiary of DigiTech Services LTD, the BVI shell company WeWe Global represents it is controlled by.

At the time of writing, WeWe Global’s official Facebook page is operated in the UAE and Italy.

WeWe Global’s connection with the UAE is sure that it will be Dubai:

Dubai is known as the MLM criminal capital of the world. Similar to BVI, the case with any MLM business that has ties to Dubai will be in the city due to its business model being fraudulent.

Italy seems to be the place the country where WeWe Global is currently being extensively promoted. As of the time of this article, SimilarWeb ranks the top sites for traffic on WeWeGlobal’s site as Italy (62 percent), Greece (12%), and Turkey (8 8 percent).

The only executive to have yet to put their face in WeWe Global is Luiz Goes (also called Luiz Gomez).

Luiz is listed as the chief executive officer of LyoPay. LyoPay is a cryptocurrency exchange that was introduced in the year 2020.

Luiz declares himself Luiz claims to be a Brazilian citizen. His LinkedIn page includes the standard list of failed cryptocurrency bro projects from 2019.

LyoPay was gone until very recently:

This will coincide with WeWe Global recruitment picking up in 2022.

The WeWe Global LyoFI offering was the Ponzi scheme debut, an all-new 900-day daily return Ponzi scheme.


WEWE Global’s collaboration with LYOFi provides its customers with an innovative method of minting tokens – cloud minting.

It’s the standard Staking scam executed through the LYOCREDIT token (LYO).

The original Ponzi plan of WeWe Global was a similar scam using WEWEX tokens.

It appears that WeWe Global’s WEWEX Ponzi seems to have retreated to a second seat (read collapsed).

WeWe Global solicits investment into LYO through euro equivalents in bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ten investment strategies are provided that range from 100 to 100,000 EUR.

WeWe Global pitches LYO invested into LyoFI will yield an ROI of 300% for 900 days.

LyoFI Ponzi withdrawals are repaid in LYO and converted by affiliates into bitcoin. The MLM aspect of the business remains unaltered from the original BehindMLM WeWe Global review, published in July 2021.



Cloud Minting Program Cloud Minting Program, brought to you in conjunction with LYOFi it is a way to lease equipment to mint LYOCREDIT tokens. You can save LYO or trade them in exchange to bitcoin.

With WeWe Global and LyoFI being a Ponzi scheme, it will continue until the invested funds run out.

It is important to note that math will guarantee that most people who invest and participate in Ponzi schemes will lose money. WeWe Global and LyoFI will show you’re earning cash via LYO tokens daily return payments.

The idea of cashing it into bitcoin is a different story. It will work until it stops (no more money to take).

Looking back to understand this, it appears that WeWe Global’s WEWEX Ponzi, which was created, collapsed at some point in the latter half of 2021. They could be running new businesses through LyoFI.

Before settling down together with WeWe Global, LyoPay was an old/dead cryptocurrency exchange.

Luiz Goes has launched his Ponzi via LyoPay and is promising investors a profit of 60% over a year.

It is possible since Goes has created tokens of LYO with the press of a button.

The issue for investors is converting LYO to something that can be redeemed. It will work until it doesn’t.

In-depth analysis of the business relationships with LyoPay with WeWe Global, it’s probably an alternative to the Ponzi factory that is a white-label service that Goes provides:

One thing that caught my attention in the LyoPay white label Ponzi offer was the possibility of booking travel:

WeWe Global bundled travel bookings using the original Ponzi platform via “Travel4You” – available on “travel4you.io”.

The site’s traffic isn’t going anywhere since nobody invests in WeWe Global for travel discounts. They’re in it to participate in the Ponzi scheme.

What I’m thinking of is that WeWe Global’s Ponzi scheme was the first that was a part of LyoPay. This brings us back to Luiz Goes.

If, as it is said, WeWe Global has an agreement with a white-label company LyoPay Why do you think Luiz is giving an in-depth WeWe Global marketing presentation?

Luiz Goes is

  1. in Dubai;
  2. Promoting WeWe Global, and
  3. is the owner of this platform. WeWe Global now seemingly runs its Ponzi scheme.

Additionally, a strong argument for the fact that it’s running WeWe Global is that we haven’t met one WeWe Global executive in more than an entire year.

LyoPay is also registered as DigiLYO App LTD, a UK shell company. UK incorporation of shells is another warning sign, but DigiLYO App Ltd’s name arrangement is essential in this case.

We have

  1. WeWe Global – DigiTech Services LTD;
  2. LyoFI – DigiFi Group LTD; and
  3. LyoPay – DigiLYO App LTD.

Goes may have fallen off using the “Digi-X” shell company naming template.

The website Timelinewise WeWe Global was launched seven months before the launch of LyoPay. Both companies’ social media accounts were set up in August 2020, so they were both found simultaneously.

The inside exchange WeWe Global initially launched was a replica of the LyoPay independent trade. LyoPay has been successfully integrated into LyoFI.

Goes has already shown the ability to run multiple exchanges through LyoTrade.

It is possible that Goes is managing WeWe Global, but I can’t confirm this yet. At the moment, there are a lot of indications that Goes is the one behind WeWe Global and LyoFI.

However, no matter who is operating the MLM Ponzi scheme, the result will be the same.

A majority of investors lose money due to scammers and top promoters.

Jose Gordo, believed to be based in Spain, is trying to achieve WeWe Global off the ground in South America.

Gordo is well-known within the MLM industry for being an elite net winner of the famous OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

In the latter half of 2020, Gordo was arrested by the government of Argentina for criminal fraud charges in connection with OneCoin. He remains wanted as a criminal.