Watch-out on Islamic Brothers, Exposing Moyn, Monir and Ehsaan Islam. has coverage of Moyn, Ehsaan, and Monir Islam. They are published under the profile Shawn Sharma, a paid article writer.
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India, look out! The Islam brothers are Londoners who have a dismal track record of inflicting devastating Ponzi schemes unsuspecting.

When they were touting OneCoin’s wonders at recruiting rallies, It was when Moyn Islam and Monir Islam got into the play.

Photo : BE Founders Moyn, Monir, and Ehsaan Islam
Photo: BE Founders Moyn, Monir, and Ehsaan Islam, Courtesy, Techtimes

It was supposed to be a crypto investment miracle. But it turned out to have been a global fraud worth PS3billion. Ruja Ignatova (40) remains at large.

They then moved to a scheme that sold “wearable technology,” which included wristwatches that measure heart rate.

Investors were promised that the Helo brand by World Media & Technology Corp would be “absolutely worth” PS2billion in this year.

Since then, it has vanished.

Melius followed, and Ehsaan joined Monir, Moyn, and again came Melius.

Melius claimed to have sold software for currency trading, but it was a pyramid scheme that paid commissions for other people.

Monir stated earlier this year that “this company is going to make more millionaires than any other company I know of.”

Forbes published an advertisement that stated: “They are on the way to building a million-dollar company within three years.”

Their promotional video promised to be “the next great giant in the industry” along with Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

It isn’t easy to prove that it exists.

This brings us to Be, their latest lunacy and another Forbes advertising piece.

It’s now in the Indian edition. This suggests that they have moved from the UK with its population of 66 million to a country with over 1.3 billion. That’s a lot more people to target.

Forbes’ new piece says that “New-age young entrepreneurs Monir Islam Moyn Islam, Ehsaan Islam, and Moyn Islam from the UK bootstrapped a revolutionary idea, and turned it into a thriving, successful company called Be.”

Moyn is named the president and chief executive. Monir, the chief visionary officer, is called, and Ehsaan, the chief technology officer.

Forbes must be embarrassed by this blunder, and printed in bold type at the bottom a disclaimer reading: “No Forbes India journalist has involved with the writing and production this article.”

Forbes article was deleted after several users reported it.

The Islam brothers continue to misrepresent it. They claim on their website they have been “recognized” by Forbes as innovator leaders.

The Islam brothers are never tired of taking photos next to cars.

Mirror journalists asked the Islam brothers for evidence of their success, but they haven’t replied.

Furthermore, Be is located in Dubai, so there are no publicly accessible company accounts.

Website is useless, just vaguely stating: “Our unique ecosystem allows people from all walks to own and build a business using their smartphones. This will allow them to live their best lives.”

However, it does reveal how affiliates earn commission by recruiting others and more commission from those they recruit.

When you take out all the fluff about “Be a better person for a better future,” all you get is another Ponzi scheme.

The Forbes plugs reveal that the brothers worked as taxi drivers, shop owners, and restaurants.

However, they felt “suffocated” by their previous jobs and believed they were meant to do more incredible things.

This is their problem.

Earning a decent living is okay. But the Islam brothers are too arrogant or deluded even to consider it.