Trinity Review: Solar Wind Turbines, Crypto Mining or Ponzi Scheme

Trinity Mining claims to own solar wind turbines as well as Mining Machines. However, no evidence to back those big claims.
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How can we always fall for the same scam time and again? If you have been betrayed more than once, why not look at the ways you should be doing the authentication the next time while finding which company you should believe in.

Recently, a company named Trinity Mining surfaced. As per the ‘WHOIS’ Lookup, the domain of the company was found to be registered on 15th February 2018. However, the details of the domain ( ownership have been made private. Didn’t seem its because the owner likes to play hide and seek though?

Even the website got nothing. There is no information about the whereabouts of the company’s leaders. Or, those who are running the program behind the masks. These all are not just an exclamation mark on the company’s face, but a significant lead to doubt the entire operation.

Further investigation did reveal that the company has its corporate address in Panama which is also clearly mentioned on their website. But, it led me to a dead end. The address is on the name of Regus. It only signifies that the address is a virtual one and not some real office with company staffs.

Trinity claims to be involved in a cloud mining operation in Portugal. But, nothing to back that statement makes it a vague claim. As far as the products and services are concerned, one can only take advantage of the affiliate program they are offering.

The minimum fee to participate is $500. They do have a free entry, but that limits the perks one can have with paid affiliation.

I believe that a company, if not transparent about its formation and basic details, should always be kept in the dark list. Why believe someone who does not have a name and ID?

Trinity Mining – The Compensation Plan

The unknown admins lure the affiliates through their huge annual ROI plans. This is enough to attract the numbers they estimate to make a fortune.

  • Bronze Plan: One must invest $500 – $1000 for receiving 230% annual ROI
  • Silver Plan: One must invest $2500 – $4999 for receiving 250% annual ROI
  • Gold Plan: One must invest $5000 – $9999 for receiving 275% annual ROI
  • Platinum Plan: One must invest $10,000 or more for receiving 325% annual ROI
  • These ROIs are credited on a daily basis to the particular back offices of each affiliate.

To withdraw the money early, one needs to pay the following fees:

  • Daily withdrawal: 10% fee
  • Weekly withdrawal: 8% fee
  • Monthly Withdrawal: 5% fee
  • 3 Month Withdrawal: 4% fee
  • 6 Month Withdrawal: 2% fee
  • 9 Month Withdrawal: 1% fee

Trinity Mining – Referral Commission

Like many more, Trinity Mining utilizes Uni-Level compensation structure for paying referral commission to its affiliates.

In a Uni-Level Compensation structure, an affiliate is placed on the top. The ones recruited by the top affiliates are placed on level 1. The personal recruitments are placed directly under the one who recruited them. For example, if the level 1 affiliate recruits someone, they are placed on level 2 and so on.

The chain goes on until the admins decide to run off. Trinity Mining pays referral commission till level 6.

  • Standard Plan: 30% of the mining credit or 20% of the commission is paid on level 1, 10% on the level 2 and 5% on the level 3
  • For Convincing Others to Invest $250,000: 30% is paid on the level 1, 15% on the level 2, 10% on the level 3 and 5% on the level 4
  • For Convincing Others to Invest $500,000: 30% is paid on the level 1, 20% on the level 2, 10% on the level 3, 5% on the level 4 and 2.5% on the level 5
  • For Convincing Others to Invest $1,000,000: 35% is paid on the level 1, 25% on the level 2, 15% on the level 3, 10% on the level 4, 5% on the level 5 and 2.5% on the level 6

Trinity Mining – Reviews

Joshua P: What a waste of time and effort. These guys are scammers. That is all that I know. Taken my money for nothing. Its been a few months and no reply. Do they even exist?

Mary: I have been following them since the beginning. They turned out to be a flop show. I joined them for free to check if they really work. I am still repenting. I could have utilized that energy somewhere useful.

The conclusion from the Above Reviews

What else to say? The words are clear and straight. As per the predictions and concrete screening, I not only had the doubt but was sure about the scam they want to process underbelly crypto mining. They have nothing new to offer. Not even the packaging seems to be any different.

The Verdict

As stated before, the company feels proud in describing the source of income they are generating to meet the never-ending ROI needs. However, they failed to get us any proof. They also claim to have solar wind turbines that they plan to use for sourcing energy from the mining machines.

The coins that the company says it mine are bitcoin, bitcoin gold, ethereum, litecoin and zcash. However, lack of evidence signals affiliate program is the only way to generate income. This makes this program a Ponzi scheme.

As per the trails every MLM company follows, once the recruitment will die, the ROI will stop as well. Those investing early may be able to reap some benefit, which is also not a lot obvious after looking at the reviews.

After the ROI will stop, the anonymous admins will take the back seat. Most of the investors will have to face huge losses. So, it will be wise to stay from companies that claim to have a legitimate operation, but fail to provide evidence.

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