Trails Carolina: “Ugly Truth” Behind The Fancy Walls

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapeutic center. It claims to provide best therapy for children and young adults who are suffering with anxiety, PTSD and other issues at a minimal cost. However, the feedback and results say a different story, altogether.
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Trails Carolina –, a therapeutic center which is focused in providing a rescue mission for those who have failed in their social and behavioral space. A center that is a shelter for those who need a push to combat the incapability within themselves.

There are certain things that we cannot foresee and when we come across the results, we are devastated. One such incidence that left everyone without words and the family with tears, was the death of a 17 years old boy who was enrolled with North Carolina and wandered away from the center, two weeks before his body was found.

How did the news get suppressed? Why there were not much hype about the Trails Carolina programs? Because, Trails Carolina did not want that news to affect their business.

Hence, before handing your children’s future in the hands of Trails Carolina which is still soaked with the blood of the boy, you should go through my unbiased review.

What is Trails Carolina?

Trails Carolina is a therapeutic center which provides programs for its students to fight PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, communication and relationship problems and much more. The center vouches for their wilderness theme which replicates the real world to bring the punitiveness among the teenagers. It helps in taking the mature decision and prepare them for a bright future.

As per their website, their approach is what makes them different from their competitors and here is a list of the approach that they apply to help its students.

  • Comprehensive traditional wilderness outdoor ventures combined with a residential base campus
  • Multiple transitions from location, activities and staff to practice and refine skills
  • Integrated Teams including Therapy, Family Therapy, Residential, Academic, and Equine
  • Powerful Family Programs including Parent Workshop, Common Ground, Family Reunification, and weekly calls
  • Individualized, experiential approach from dedicated professional
  • An unparalleled focus on results for your child and the family.

There are programs for adults as well at the center and Trails Carolina promises for the below results among the young adults who are between 18-25 years of age:

  • Deeper insight into their own values and sense of self
  • Confidence in their abilities
  • Perspective
  • Ability to self advocate
  • Ability to self regulate
  • Mindfulness
  • Improved communication skills
  • Support in navigating adult parent-child relationships
  • High School completion or college credit option
  • Adventure skills development
  • Culinary skills

Trails Carolina cost differs for different programs. Being a center with great words and no work, it would be worthless to pay for the Trails Carolina price.

Trails Carolina Abuse and complaints

As said earlier, there are various truths that were either suppressed or were never given a chance to become audible in the real world. Trails Carolina abuse is not restricted to the students only, but tortures their parents when they see their children suffering.

A center that oats to take care of the problems, when becomes a reason itself, there is little to no choice left, but to withdraw. There have been regular complaints made against Trails Carolina which will give you shiver after listening.

In 2014, a boy who was 17 years old was found dead after the missing complaint reported. The search team looked for two weeks, when finally, his body was recovered from the Nantahala National Forest.

Alec Lansing – Trail Carolina death

The boy was named Alec Lansing and was a student at Trails Carolina. It was reported that he wandered away from the campus and was lost.

This news took fire, because the boy dies. There are many Trails Carolina complaints that go unheard. You would never be able to fathom the shiftiness of the center, until you become a part of Trails Carolina Program.

There have been complaints about the menu and the quantity of food supply. The hygiene has been always an issue. All of these things are ignored and left behind while the center keeps making money with its fraud.

There have been cases when one student abused the another and staff being oblivious, did nothing. There have been various reports posted on the internet against these goons, but nothing has been done so far to control their scam.

Trails Carolina Reviews 

Ann Marie Miller:

For those of you thinking about working here, be very wary of their new hiring manager Rachel. After months of emailing and setting me up to move from Utah to North Carolina and a four day awkward unpaid “pre hire training” where we didn’t even interact with the kids, I hesitantly signed my hiring papers and was promised the job… three days later I was told over phone  “I wasn’t a good fit”. Not sure why this couldn’t have been told days before I was technically hired… awkward. Based off how I was treated don’t buy into the vulnerability illusions and opening up, you are merely a number here who hopefully won’t bring them a lawsuit.


Rawr xD:

Trails Carolina was by far the most traumatizing thing I have ever been through. I didn’t eat my first two weeks other than a few bowls of rice. I lost a significant amount of weight my first two weeks. So much my backpack did not fit me anymore. I tried to tell the staff they did not listen the hip strap did not fit so all the weight was on my shoulders. 3 weeks in I noticed large black bruises on my shoulders welts. Many of us also had these bruises, one boy who was there over the winter had gotten frostbite and lost movement in 3 toes. He had not even received medical attention. I ended up spending 91 days at trails not completing the program. I came home and my relationship with my parents became seemingly worse. Two months after trials I was diagnosed with PTSD. Trails has ruined my life I have not been able to think straight ever since they flashbacks have caused horrible anxiety. I ended up meeting with 3 group member 1 year later one of them Connor also had been diagnosed with PTSD. It turns out the whole time we were there we were all of us abused both physically and mentally abused. Not to forget the time I was assaulted by another group member the staff did nothing. Please don’t send your kid here.


Conclusion from the above Reviews

While the center boasts about its results, the Trails Carolina reviews shows an altogether different picture. It is lucid that the center does not care about the students and their wellness. It focuses on profits.

The Verdict – Facts that need attention

Trails Carolina claims that it can help troubled teen while ignoring the child’s complaint and assuming parents right, every time. This signals towards a fraud. Families who are worried about their ‘troubled teens’, often have other issues that can be fixed at home, with mutual understanding. Any therapy, like Trails Carolina therapy, that excuses parents and put all the blame on their child, is more likely scam.

Hence, think twice before sending your child to Trails Carolina therapeutic center.

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4 comments on Trails Carolina: “Ugly Truth” Behind The Fancy Walls

  1. SuperCreep of Buckhead

    This place really is a scam

  2. Brevard resident

    Yes. It is July 1st now Carol and the Transylvania county police department has just issued a statement about a 14 and 15 year old girl who are missing since 11:30 last night in the woods. And they were attending this camp.

  3. Carol

    It’s June 2019. Now -anything better to report – sounds like you were the parent that dropped the ball back in 2017- who really understood the child’s cry?

  4. voiceless

    Has there been any additional reports on this facility?