TradeNetCoin Review: ICO offering Profit from existing Businesses

TradeNetCoin offers 150% ROI in a month claiming that it has existing businesses to generate such profit. However, these affluent admins seem coy to disclose their identity.
TradeNetCoin Review: ICO offering Profit from existing Businesses
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Another entry into the niche of MLM scams, yet audacious enough to portray themselves as the one addressing the issue, TradeNetCoin has failed to meet the basic expectation of being a loyal organization.

The website does not mention the name of the founders of the company. Even the domain ( registration was made keeping the information about the owner private. The domain was registered on 22nd December 2017.

Talking about the products, there is nothing to count on except for the affiliate recruitment program. The company’s flimsy talks have not done any good to make it look legitimate any far.

There is no fee to become a member of the program to earn referral bonuses. However, to become eligible for all the perks offered by TradeNetCoin, one must purchase a minimum of 50 TNC points form the anonymous owners.

To be candid, I would suggest staying away from TradeNetCoin. The company that is not transparent cannot be trusted especially when the claims are made in the sky.

TradeNetCoin – Compensation Plan

Similar to various other ICOs, the company is offering TNC points to its affiliates at the cost of 0.65 dollars to 1.50 dollars. After these points are acquired, the affiliates are further encouraged to lend back these points back to the platform for earning advertised ROI.

  • Plan 1: You must invest $100 – $999 for receiving variable ROI daily for 219 days
  • Plan 2: You must invest $1000 – $4999 for receiving variable ROI daily as well as 0.15% daily bonus for 159 days
  • Plan 3: You must invest $5000 – $9999 for receiving variable ROI daily as well as 0.25% daily bonus for 99 days
  • Plan 4: You must invest $10,000 – $50,000 for receiving variable ROI daily as well as 0.35% daily bonus for 69 days

TradeNetCoin – Referral Commission

The company follows uni-level compensation structure to pay referral commission to its affiliates. In a uni-level structure, an affiliate is placed on the top of the series. The affiliates who are recruited personally, are placed directly under the affiliate who recruited them.

For example, if the top affiliate recruits new affiliates, these will be placed on level 1, directly under the top affiliate. The affiliates that are recruited by any of the level 1 affiliates will be placed on level 2 and so on. This can go for unlimited series only if the company keeps paying the ROI.

The percentage of funds invested by the new affiliates are used to pay the existing ones. The referral commission is paid for each level.

  • Level 1: 8%
  • Level 2: 3%
  • Level 3: 1%
  • Level 4: 0.5%
  • Level 5: 0.2%
  • Levels 6 and beyond: 0.1%

TradeNetCoin – Reviews

Ernie EJ Sprague: this project is very promising up to 150% a month this is surely a winner of a ico don’t miss out or u will be kicking yourself for doing so

Angelina Maslennikova: Thank you for your project, it is very interesting and promising. I wish you success in the development of the project and good luck with ICO!

The conclusion from the above Reviews

These reviews are generic and do not convey a concrete message. The page has maintained 5 start with no complaints. This looks fishy. Most of the reviews on the Facebook page seem framed. Anyway, the Ponzi Scheme work great at the beginning and after enough funds are collected, then the true colors are visible.

The Verdict

The website clearly signifies that whomsoever is running the program is not from English speaking country. In addition, the claims to prove that they are different from other Ponzi Schemes makes then even more suspicious.

Failing to provide any evidence to back the claims about the existence of any other business makes them a Ponzi Scheme. Also, if they already had businesses that can generate 150% ROI for others, why are they not keeping it to themselves and seeking funds from Randoms over the internet.

The only verifiable source of income is the affiliate program, and this puts this company among other big mouths Ponzi Schemes.

Once the recruitment will freeze and the pre-decided threshold will be reached, the company will stop paying ROI to its affiliates. The anonymous admins will very conveniently run away with whatever is left.

Those who would be joining early may make some profit, but the majority of the affiliates will lose money in the hands of the fraud admins. So, I would suggest investing if you can take the risk of losing your money. Or else, look for other ICO that seem promising.

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