Tradeco Global Review: 211.5% ROI in only 261 days

Tradeco Global calls itself the damn experts with cryptocurrency trading experience from 2014. However, the domain got operative in March 2018 and the admins plan to be anonymous.
Tradeco Global Review: 211.5% ROI in only 261 days
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The website of Tradeco Global does not provide any lead about the names of the owners of the company. The domain ( that was registered on 23rd March 2018 is also protected and I could not get the name of the owner of the domain as well.

With Tradeco, one can only promote their affiliate program. Apart from the affiliate membership, there is no other product or service available for the members to market. The membership requires an investment of bitcoin between 0.1 to 5 BTC.

However, it is always wise to not to invest in companies that are not transparent. And, Tradeco Global is among those names.

Tradeco Global – Compensation plan

The company encourages its members to invest their bitcoin to receive 211.5% ROI and this payment is made in 261 days.

  • Basic Plan: 0.1 BTC
  • Starter Plan: 0.3 BTC
  • Advance Plan: 0.5 BTC
  • Elite Plan: 1 BTC
  • Ultra Plan: 2 BTC
  • Premium Plan: 3 BTC
  • Mega Plan: 5 BTC

The withdraw from the platform is chargeable with 8% of the amount requested.

Tradeco Global – Referral Commission

The company has a simple referral commission structure. It pays 10% of the funds invested as the referral commission for all personally recruited members.

Tradeco Global – Residual Commission

The company uses binary compensation structure to pay residual commission to its affiliates. In this structure, an affiliate is placed on the top of the order and the then the position is split into two more positions further as left and right position.

For example, the top affiliate can recruit two affiliates on level 1. Each affiliate of level 1 can further recruit two more affiliates, making a total of 4 positions on level 2 and so on.

This can go for an infinite number of series. After every day’s end, the volumes are calculated at both the ends and matched. The company pays 5% residual commission on matched volume. The volume on the higher side which is not accountable for the residual commission gets carried over.

Tradeco Global – Rank Achievement Bonus

There are four ranks if you wish to earn the rank achievement bonus. This bonus is a one time bonus for each time a rank is achieved.

  • Team Leader Rank: You must persuade others to invest 50 BTC for receiving $5000
  • Executive Rank: You must persuade others to invest 150 BTC and have recruited one Team Leader on both sides of the binary team for receiving $15,000
  • Supervisor Rank: You must persuade others to invest 300 BTC and have personally recruited one Executive ranked affiliate for receiving $30,000
  • Manager Rank: You must persuade others to invest 500 BTC and have personally recruited one Manager ranked affiliate for receiving $50,000 coupled with an “international family vacation”

Tradeco Global – Review

Ben: It’s a bait to put your bitcoins in this fake company. SCAM! SCAM!

Sam: Do not get fooled by this company’s promise. These guys are liars. I was scammed a big time. Lost my money.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

The reviews clearly suggest that the company is not true to its members and affiliates. People understand that the company’s plan is flimsy and it is not ready to announce the names of the admins which again is a big red flag.

Please do your research if you still want to invest your money here.

The Verdict

The company claims to be an expert in its niche and suggests that their team is mixed with experience and expertise to get affiliates such a huge ROI. However, they have not disclosed the names of those ‘damn experts’ mentioned on the website.

They have also provided an address for the UK. But again, their usage of English proposes that whosoever is running the scam is not from the UK or any other English-speaking country.

In addition, it has also been mentioned that the company started in 2014 and they are able to generate such a huge ROI through cryptocurrency trading. The domain registration date says an altogether different story. And, there is no evidence that they are involved in cryptocurrency trading.

The only income source verifiable is the affiliate membership program. The existing affiliates are paid using the funds invested by the new affiliates. This makes this scheme, a Ponzi scheme.

As per the fate of all Ponzi Schemes, ROI will stop as soon as the recruitment will freeze. Those who would be joining early would be able to make some profit. However, the majority of the affiliates will lose money.

These anonymous admins would be the first to run away with all the money left, enough to make them rich. Hence, it would be better to find investment plans that are concrete and have proven results instead of wasting your time and money on Tradeco Global.


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