The foreclosure rescue scam by 3 Californians in Bakers Field

Three Californian men – Martin Calzada of Norwalk (30yrs), Juan Curiel of Visalia (38yrs), and Palacios-Hernandez of Santiago (48yrs) were imprisoned for running a foreclosure rescue in Bakersfield.

The decision was given by the Justice Department on Monday.

In March, Calzada was charged for conspiracy – one count and mail fraud – eight counts.

According to the Justice Dept., he is imprisoned to serve 9 years in jail whereas in December 2014, Curiel and Hernandez committed a mail fraud for which they were imprisoned to serve 3.5 years and 2.9 years in jail respectively.

According to the evidence provided in Justice court, all three of them conspired to defraud homeowners facing foreclosure.

They operated the business under the false name of Star Reliable Mortgage and looted the customers of Bakersfield, Salinas and Visalia.

They all were accused of aiming the miserable homeowners through their fraudulent loan elimination program. They charged service fees of $2500 to $4500 on monthly basis from the owners.

Evidence showed thousands of dollars were transferred to the Star Reliable account at first and then to their personal bank accounts.

At one instance, Calzada transferred $300000 to his own personal account that he received from the people who he cheated through Star Reliable.

They filed the fake document with County reader’s office to make it look as if they were working on the projects they were associated with.

These documents were used to prove that they have stalled the foreclosure process.

According to Department of Justice, they have to pay 1.1 million dollars to their formal clients as well as reinstitute the other financial services as well.

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