Storm Paid HYIP Review – Promises 1320% ROI daily

Storm Paid HYIP is a ponzi scheme that promises huge ROIs in return of the invested funds. However, it declines to be transparent in its operation which is a big red flag. Be cautious before you think of investing with them.
Storm Paid HYIP Review – Promises 1320% ROI daily
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Storm Paid HYIP has provided no details about the founders of the company. The website of the company cites a registration of Hong Kong, however, there is no such proof provided by the company.

The domain which was privately registered on 8th October 2017, does not reveal much information related to the owners as well.

An affiliate can invest from $1 to $25,000 to become a member of the company. Although, the company claims to be involved in cryptocurrency trading, no such connection with the trading and ROI is apparent.

Hence, it would be better to research a bit more when you plan to invest your funds with Storm Paid HYIP.

Storm Paid HYIP – Compensation Plan

Storm Paid HYIP offers three ROI rates to its affiliates as below:

  • 165% which is made every 3 hours
  • 175% which is made every 7 hours or
  • 600% which is made every 3 days

Referral commissions are also available for its affiliates and are paid as per the funds invested by downline affiliates. There are three levels of recruitment:

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 & 3 – 1%

Storm Paid HYIP Reviews

John: I couldn’t connect to anyone from the company even after a lot of attempts. I needed help with the affiliate program and wanted to join. But, it seems they do not care about their customers.

Nik: I am impressed. This is a great opportunity, and everyone should reap the benefit before its too late.

Comparisons of the above reviews

As said, the company has no proof of the cryptocurrency trading and is mostly dependent on its affiliate program, hence the review 2 is talking about the clock that is ticking. Also, the first review suggests that the company is irresponsible and is only to distract clients from around the world.

Storm Paid HYIP’s only verifiable income is through affiliate recruitment and one should think twice before joining this firm.

The Verdict

Storm Paid HYIP claims to be involved in cryptocurrency trading, but there is no proof for the same. The only medium that is visible is the affiliate recruitment program that they are using to fund the members.

In addition, the company s recently founded and cannot back itself for such a huge promise until and unless, it is operating Ponzi Scheme, or it could have kept all these money for itself. It must make sense to you.

The newly invested funds are then used to meet the ROIs which will soon freeze after the recruitment will come to a saturation. This is what happens to every Ponzi Scheme.


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