Steinkeller Brothers and their Connection with Mafia Violence

Are OneCoin and Mafia justified together?
Steinkeller Brothers and their Connection with Mafia Violence
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OneCoin, one of the fastest growing Ponzi market which has managed to survive with all its pitfalls, has given ways to some of the worse criminal affairs.

People digging their hole deeper, sometimes get into a lot of trouble themselves and some stays being the trouble maker.

The Steinkeller brothers, the second biggest earners among those who have made remarkable profits through OneCoin Ponzi scheme, have been accused of running their game behind the shadow of Mafia threats.

Currently, heading the One Dream Team, can be seen at almost all the Onecoin Events. These achievements have done a great favour for them in making them famous among the local authorities in South Tyrol which is a province in northern Italy.

However, this is not the only reason that have gathered so much of attention. It is their connection with Mafia that has made Direzione Investigativa Antimafia’s team to turn their heads to them.

Fame is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, it pulls the baggage of crimes which are difficult to hide, still untraceable.

This is the similar case with ‘The Steinkeller brothers’.

The reports from the Direzione Investigativa Antimafia suggest that the brothers are involved with an accomplice from South Tyrol who is helping these brothers into gaining such huge successes among OneCoin Leaders.

Though unconfirmed, but these reports helped in bringing criminal charges against the Steinkeller brothers. The Public Prosecutor from the capital of South Tyrol, Bolzano, made these charges against these brothers.

There is always a hole that can be dug in the higher authority’s files.

The legal representatives vouching for these brothers, got access to the file with the details of the witnesses and other details of the case.

Which led to another dead end. Thereafter, the mafia made no mercy in threatening witnesses connected to the case.

The Gerlach report mentioned about murders. However, there were no specific details mentioned in the file.

The death list which is handled by Hansjörg Oberrauch, has the names of those who plan to go against Steinkellers and OneCoin.

He is the one, doing the dirty work for the brothers in maintaining their position at the top rank.

It is surprising, how Hansjörg get away with his deeds after being watched around the clock.

These connections are not something new to the world of OneCoin, but has persisted since the time, it took off and is going to stay until we find a solution it.

An organized regulation and bodies responsible for managing these regulation is a must, to curb the growth of these malicious activities within the industry.

Those who are following OneCoin, may be distressed to know the scenario which prevails. However, the more you get into thinking about it, the more puzzled you become. The mystery is still to be solved and will take some time, as per the current advancements.

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