Scammer robbed three stores in New Caney, Cleveland and Shepherd

scammer at cashier
scammer at cashier

There have been reports about a scam artist who robbed three local stores in New Caney, Cleveland and Shepherd.

At first, he visited the Metro PCS store situated in New Caney and robbed the store with bait and switch scheme. After succeeding in swindling, the guy moved to another Metro PCS store in Cleveland.

Recently, he has been seen at the local post office accomplishing the same scam which as per the reports happened on July 25.

Sheriff Greg Capers from San Jacinto County said, “He’s just really, really slick.”

Fortunately, the video camera at the New Caney Metro PCS store recorded him offering a wad of $20 bills in the amount of $200 which was in his one hand while he asked for two $100 bills. Once he got his change back, he took out two bills. One was $100 bill and the other was a $10 bill from his pocket.

Sheriff Greg Capers added, “In his left hand you see he has $110.”

The video further recorded him shuffling the two bills he just received and pockets them while he was still holding the $110. He then asked the cashier, who was unaware of the switch, that she only returned $110. Hence, she gave him another $100.

The last time the scam artist was seen while pulling the same scam at the post office at Shepherd. Since then, the scam artist is nowhere to be found.

The San Jacinto County Sheriff posted the scammer’s photo on the Facebook official page. The man is having three dots tattooed which is on the corner of his right eye and a tattoo which is painted on the left side of his neck. The Sheriff has also posted the video of the scam on the Facebook official page.

“The cashiers need to make sure that they pay attention when a person wants money exchanged,” said Capers.

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