Sanomedics charged for $23 million through stock fraud

The scam was operated since 2009 and was continued till 2015

Sanomedics was started around lies where new investors were made to believe that top executives from companies like Pepsi and Apple are involved in the company stocks.

The sales people from Sanomedics used to mention about Cesar Millan from Dog Whisperer as well.

Sanomedics sells thermometer for dogs and humans, used their scam to fraud 700 people across the continent in 6 years.

The boiler room in Miami Lakes and Marina Del Rey, Calif, was filled with lies and was used to accomplish scam of 23 million dollars.

Last week, conviction was done for four people from South Florida and one from California.

The scam was operated since 2009 and was continued till 2015. These five people are convicted for their involvement in the scam and helping in scamming more than 700 people in US District court, Miami.

There were others who entered the plea for guilty other than Craig Sizer, Jack Willard Sini, Keith Houlihan, Miguel Mesa, Juan M. Perez Ortega, Jason David Hershberger, Martin Miller and Shawna Leigh Lynch after their September accusation. Those co-conspirators are:

Charles K. Topping, 40, from North Bay Village, Charles Smigrod, 69 and Matthew Wheeler, 33 who are residents of Miami, James Long, 60, from Miramar and Marina Del Rey’s Anita Sgarro. These people are charged for mail and wire fraud Lawsuit.

Mega and Sgarro were hired among others to run the boiler room scam. Houlihan and Sizer hired them and trained the telemarketers of the script that was created to scam people.

They informed investors about the limited number of Sanomedics shares that were available at a massive discount.

This was for a limited time. However, this was not the case. Houlihan and Sizer were controlling the shares and were doing stock split to create more shares at will.

About 20% of the scammed money went to Sanomedics. 50 percent was given to Mesa of what his boiler room conned from its phone targets.

Remaining money were divided into the pockets of Houlihan, Mesa, Sizer, Sgarro, other boiler room managers.

In 2014 and 2015, Topping, Wheeler, Smigrod, Long, Mesa, Sizer, Sini, Perez, and Miller accomplished another scam with similar scheme with Fun Cool Free.

Through this scam, people were asked to claim the company which owned over 500 smartphone game apps.

They also lied about the partnership of this company with apple. They scammed $1.5 million through this scam.

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