Richard A. Dick, 41, of Stuyvesant accused in $10K scam

Fictitious Services’ offerings in exchange for real money!
Richard A. Dick, 41, of Stuyvesant accused in $10K scam
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Fake, mechanic as well as merchandising services, turn out worth a $10K gain for Richard A. Dick, a 41-year-old mechanic! This crafty mechanic and his artful services came to notice of the State Police by a phone call.

A local man called the Police department for informing them, how Dick charged him worth “X” amount of dollars, for two tractors.

This mechanic heads from Stuyvesant. After the phone call in November 2016, Dick was finally arrested @ Stockport, and the felony scheme, to defraud many people, including the person who made the phone call, was levied on him. Reports also has in records several civilians’ complaints about fake promises from the mechanic.

These fake promises included mechanic services and merchandising services, which Dick never offered them. Mathematically, close to $10,000 is what the mechanic earned out of these fictitious promises of his!

Quiet a huge amount for a regular mechanic to earn, but apparently, Dick started these malpractices in 2013. Not only did he used such crafty set of practices while doing his own business, but also did he practiced them when he was just an employee at Jack’s Towing, Hudson.

He will now treat Columbia County Jail as his new home as he was arraigned at the Stockport Town Court. Civilians can help the State Police by contacting them at 845-677-7300 and giving them information they have about Dick. Police guarantees the information given, to stay anonymous!

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