Reward Table Review – Running a Ponzi Scheme

Reward Table claims to be the first MLM company based on Bitcoin. However, the registration date of the domain tells a completely different story. Would you trust the stats or the lies spread by the company? Choice is yours.
Reward Table Review – Running a Ponzi Scheme
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As always, when a MLM company is not ready to disclose the people operating behind the scene, then there is something mysteriously wrong about the company. With the same phrase, the Reward Table goes in the sink.

The company does not provide clear information about the company’s formation and has hidden the names of the owners. The domain of the company ( was registered on 22nd November 2017 which signifies that the company is new in operation. However, I could not get much detail about the address and name of the domain owner, as the domain was registered privately. This one again is a big red flag.

There is no other product other than the affiliate program itself which proves that the funds are generated only by the investment made by the downlines.

To join Reward Table, you do not need to invest anything. But, to enjoy the full participation and earn 10% of the commission that they promise, you need to position 0.001 BTC to 0.1 BTC.

Reward Table – Compensation Plan

Reward Table offers three-tier purchase position with 2X3 matrix cycle. Here you will find an affiliate at the top level and two positions are made down the line of that affiliate. This is level one. Here also, each affiliate has two positions in their downline, making the second level and so on till the third level. The third level has 8 positions.

The commission is paid out after all the fourteen positions are filled in the matrix. The commission depends on the affiliate buying the kind of position in the matrix. Here are the segregation of the commission payout structure.

  • Structure 1: You need to purchase 0.001 BTC position to get 0.007 BTC cycler commission
  • Structure 2: You need to purchase 0.01 BTC position to get 0.07 BTC cycler commission
  • Structure 3: You need to purchase 0.1 BTC position to get a 0.7 BTC cycler commission

A 10% referral bonus is paid for the affiliates recruited directly under the affiliate.

Reward Table reviews 

Jake: There is no turning around. I have made profits and I can feel it. The financial independence that the company has provided, can be traded for nothing. I am never going to end this fortune creator.

Donald: The rising star. I believed in it and it reciprocated. Big thumbs up. You can anytime trust this network.

Comparison of the above reviews

Nothing can be as obvious as these reviews. There has been so little time of operation for this company that it is unlikely for it to create a fortune for anyone. And, if it has done it for sure, why is it sharing with others. This is completely contradictory and makes these reviews as stages, rather genuine.

The Verdict

If you would check the website of the company, you will find them claiming that they were the first to start the bitcoin based MLM company. This is nonsense. The company whose website was created in November 2017, can never be the first in this business.

There is more to be heard. The company says that it is a MLM platform and the principles are based accordingly. So, if you wish to grow, you need to work for the company’s growth.

However, they deny offering any real product. All they provide is a position to their matrix. They have clearly stated that the platform is not a sales platform. You need to fill position to receive ROI.

Keeping this in mind, we come back to the same conclusion. If there is no product apart from the affiliate recruitment program, then the company falls under Ponzi Scheme. The funds invested by the newly recruited affiliates are used to pay the old ones. This suggests that the saturation level would be reached as soon as any of the affiliate fails to do his job.

The company uses bitcoin as a bait to scam people. The fake admins with pseudo names and undisclosed identity, signals towards a fatal end. The recovery would be close to impossible. So, you need to keep your seventh sense working when choosing an MLM company to work for. If it is not transparent, the chances for it to be a Ponzi Scheme surges.

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