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Worst doctors and healthcare experience of my life

This place has gone to sh*t. I’m so disgusted with the level of unprofessional behavior the doctors have displayed. They will literally lie to your face. They’ll be of zero help. It’s insane. It’s a complete waste of time. It is a complete ripoff. They’ve made everything as hard as possible and like pulling teeth.

They’ll lie to your face and try to get you to come in as much as possible and rack up as many charges as possible. They’re like a nickel and diming nightmare and you don’t even leave with help for why you went in, in the first place. I’ve been coming to Zoomcare here for two years now.

My last two visits were horrible. The doctor all of a sudden told me they couldn’t continue helping me with what I’ve been going to them for two years for. Offered a weird explanation that does not apply to me. Would not listen to me at all when I tried to tell him anything. His notes on the visits were weird and insanely off. I don’t know where his mind was during the taking of those notes.

Literally I don’t know where he got half the things he wrote down from. They’re all wrong and then the other doctors go off of his notes which I tried telling them were ridiculously inaccurate. He straight up lied to me about giving me two months of refills before I had to find a new provider. Gave me one month at the visit, told me to just call for the second month’s refill.

When I called for the second month, it’s apparently impossible to call directly. Literally the clinic has no direct number for patients. I had to call some call center who asked for my refill to be written. Two other doctors refused to, based of the doctor’s ridiculously inaccurate notes that apparently didn’t mention anything he assured me of.

Then the call center reached out to the doctor directly once he was back in, and he straight up refused me the refills he told me he’d give me. I was then told I’d have to come in person again to see a different doctor for the refill, I did. She ended up siding with the doctor who had straight up lied to me. She was of zero use.

I have been going there for two years. Recently the service has nose dived. They went from being open until midnight, to cutting their hours down to regular business hours. I also find myself horrified at the the doctor’s unprofessional behavior and literally straight up lying to me, leaving me high and dry by messing with my health and basically all over a sudden making it like pulling teeth to get the basic care.

I’ve been receiving from them for two years and denying me prescriptions I’ve been on for years, literally leaving me s.o.l. and having to go cold turkey because they decide they’re actually going to refuse me the refills the promised me.

By far, worst doctors and healthcare experience of my life. From the gravely inaccurate notes, to the inconsistency, dishonest and unprofessional nature of the doctors, I am never coming back to zoomcare. Poor service and unprofessional behavior at like a restaurant or any other business is one thing.

Poor service and the type of behavior I’ve witnessed from “doctors” who you are going to for your health care? It’s pretty mortifying. I highly suggest no one go here. I would not at all be surprised if they go out of business relatively soon. What a nightmare and what a mess.

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3 reviews on ZOOM+Care Belltown

  1. Bad experience in the clinic, horrible billing experience,

    Went in over a ago, doctor hardly spoke a word to me, just told me to go to the ER after taking some basic tests (blood pressure, temp, etc) paid my 65$ copay, then left.

    Now over a later theyre randomlly billing me for seemingly whatever the fuck they want while being super rude and providing no explination. Bad experience in the clinic, horrible billing experience, AWFUL customer service experience.

  2. No Doc's, labs, xray, or nurses.

    If you can’t have everything taken care of in one stop why are you open? No Doc’s, labs, xray, or nurses.

  3. I was very pleased to find Zoom+.

    I was in Seattle on a long weekend after just returning from a vacation in Europe. I must have brought more home from Spain than mere memories, as just hours before my planned flight home from Seattle I was confronted with severe “travelers diarrhea” (I don’t recommend it). So I sent my family to the airport without me while I stayed back and searched for urgent care.

    I was very pleased to find Zoom+. Thankfully, it was with walking distance from where I was (the thought of spending any amount of time in Seattle traffic, in a cab, in my condition, was horrifying). And Zoom+ was able to see me immediately (yay!).

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