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Zachary Kelman Lawyer is a character of dubious ethic

When we signed the agreement for our rented apartment with our landlord, his lawyer was considered for every decision. His name was Zachary Kelman and I am here because of him. This is not an attempt to slander but a true review to show what kind of personality Zachary Kelman is.

He tried to vacate us from this house we rented under his supervision. We had a very negative experience while dealing with this man named Zachary Kelman.

Because he was responsible for preparing the documents, he accompanied us while we were taking decision on the clear amount. My landlord and I agreed to a common amount and Zachary Kelman was asked to prepare the document for us to sign.

However, he called after few days and said that he has sent the documents to be signed. When we received the papers, and saw the clear amount, we were shocked as it was too low from the agreed amount.

I called Zachary Kelman back and asked him for an explanation. He bluntly said that there was a miscommunication and owner did not hold any amount anyway. Despite the real story was way different. Zachary Kelman intimidated the previous documents and lied to us about the miscommunication which we were not aware of.

So, I called Zachary Kelman again and asked him to talk to the landlord for another deal. He said he will take care of that and hung up. He called back after sometime with the news of refusal from the landlord. We had offered our landlord a higher rent amount for staying in the apartment instead of leaving. I was sure of his approval. When Zachary Kelman gave me the news, I was stunned.

I did not waste my time and found myself another apartment. Before leaving, when I talked to my landlord about the offer, he said he didn’t know. Zachary Kelman never communicated that information to him.

I understood, the first offer was also not changed but it was him who fooled us and put us through so much of pain and frustration.

Later, our landlord asked if we could go with the second offer but we already had paid the advance for the other apartment.

When I confronted Zachary Kelman and asked him about the reason. He said, “you never paid me any dollar amount.” We never hired him so that question was not justified. I knew he had other reasons which he wanted to hide.

He also refused to take any responsibility of any of his actions and did not answer about the questionable conduct.

I am writing this review to let you know the kind of person Zachary Kelman is. Hope this will reach before you ask Zachary Kelman for his assistance.

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  1. Zachary Kelman took away 1500 dollars and never showed his face. He got us involved with a house that was never legally under his jurisdiction for renting.

    We tried to contact his office and soon are going to file a lawsuit.

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