Your Auto Realtor

Your Auto Realtor

I was scammed by Your Auto Realtor. I advertised on Kijiji. Your Auto Realtor called me right away and offered to sell my car for $600 more than my list price. They claimed to have buyers lined up to purchase a car exactly like mine (I’m an idiot). They charge $500US to advertise the car. They advised that calls could come in as early as that weekend. That was Thursday late in May. I was strung along week after week after week and we are now at just about 100 days without a single expression of interest. The person I spoke with was Jordan.  Would not provide last name.

I even had my CC company call them and look at the contract. They advised that I have been scammed and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. The latest advice I have from Auto Realtors is that they expect to have a buyer by the end of this week. I will update here

In the meantime I am starting my process of advising people where I am with this whole thing, how I have been treated and giving a weekly update, as Your Auto Realtor give me an update I will post it here on this site and on every other site where I detail my story.

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2 reviews on Your Auto Realtor

  1. They lie that you will only get charged after the car is sold for more than asking. Do not believe this.

    So sad, i also dealt with the same exact person. Jordan. No last name. They pose as auto realtors who will find buyers for your car but do not and i say again do not sign up for their service. You will do a better job selling the vehicle yourself, at least i did but it was too late. They offered me nothing but made away with my $500. They will call you as soon as you post your car on If you don’t pick up they will call you until you do. Once they get what they want they will go silent on you. You will not hear much from them. Now it’s up to you to call them.

  2. Scammers : YOUR AUTO RETAILER - BEWARE !!

    Here I am in October and no movement. I told them I will advertise where ever I can and tell anyone who will listen about their scamming business. They promised to credit $100 US and give me a coupon for a 7″ tablet. That was 3 weeks ago. Nothing happened, of course.

    These people are the biggest scam artists and apparently, according to my cc company, their contract is tight and can’t be fought. It looks like they get $500US from every customer.

    I will continue to update as events occur but in the meantime keep as far as possible away from these people.

Approved Date:September 5, 2017
Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : leeross
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