Yosemite Medical Clinic

They Also Charged Me

Definitely do not go Yosemite Medical Clinic if you can wait to get treatment somewhere else.

Not only did they misdiagnose me, they also charged me $$$ for doing nothing to help me.

I had a bunch of bites mostly on my legs and some on my arms that had rings around them.

They were super itchy and I was very concerned (thinking they were either from mosquito or even ticks).

I was literally speaking with the physician for at most 5 minutes when I realized that he was merely offering me a topical cream (hydrocortisone) or a shot to relieve the itching.

He was adamant that the bites were from mosquitoes and not from ticks.

So I politely said thanks, sucked it up, and left without treatment (I didn’t want to pay for overpriced hydrocortisone cream).

A week later and I’m back at home, the bites are not getting any better and I go to my own doctor.

We did some lab work and he informs me that I did indeed contract Lyme disease from tick bites! I was immediately put on antibiotics to treat it.

I got my bill from Yosemite Health Clinic about 3 weeks after my visit and was shocked that I was charged over $100 for a bad diagnoses and hardly any face time with the physician.

Seriously, $100 for 5 minutes of the physician’s time? I was in and out of the clinic within 20 minutes!

I wrote an email to request that the charge be waived and explained the circumstances of why I was making such a request.

The response I got from a representative of the clinic, in short, told me that they stand by their physician’s diagnosis (even though it was incorrect).

That they would make no compromise to waive, let alone reduce, the charge.

Anyway, if you are a visitor like I was and can wait till you get back home for treatment, you should wait.

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2 reviews on Yosemite Medical Clinic

  1. I was thinking I might have broken my nose.

    First, let me admit that my review concerns visits to this clinic almost 40 years ago. The doctor and staff are certainly long gone. However, this review should be taken in the context of the overall management of Yosemite concessions companies (Curry Company when I worked there).

    I was a 19 year old university student, working at Yosemite in the summer of 1976. My roommate, also an employee, was murdered by another employee and I went into shock and developed PTSD which was a newly identified problem, barely acknowledged in Viet Nam veterans. I was “not handling things well” after identifying her body in the Ahwanee Meadow, having nightmares, night sweats, panic attacks, etc.

    One night I was crying and I turned toward the wall, accidentally bashing my face into the wall and winding up with a bloody nose. The next day, I went to the clinic because of the terrible pain and continuing bleeding. I was thinking I might have broken my nose.

  2. i think theyre great. never had any issue with them at all.

    I dont get all the negative reviews, I have lived here for 4 years and am an ultrarunner, and they have always been equally as good as anywhere else i have gone in my life, if not often BETTER. I have never been misdiagnosed, they accept my insurance, they are friendly and all treatment i have received over the years has been great, from cracked ribs,

    to a broken finger, to regular annual physicals, to unsightly mole removal, plantar wart treatment…theyre perfectly fine. as to the coment of one poster regarding them only being open 9-5, M-F,well lady, thats the hours of ANY clinic! only HOSPITALS are 24/7. anyways, i think theyre great. never had any issue with them at all.

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