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Beware of the names Burton Putnam and Yardstick Investors

Contacted by a “Burton Putnam” (whose picture has been used in a real estate scam in Virginia, I have recently found out).  Offered a “company directed” binary option account, which promised amazing returns (I know too good to be true!)

I purchased the minimum account ($1000) and they , on paper brought that account up to 11,000 plus dollars.  They were to charge a 25% fee for service when I took the money out for any withdrawal.

This person made numerous attempts to get me to invest more money, but I told him I could not, so eventually he left me alone and the account kept growing on paper.

At the 11,000 plus mark I was told I had to withdraw all of the money, or at least the profit and I would have the 25% fee.

Then I was told, I would have to transfer the $2,300.00 fee to them before they could release the money.  I then knew  for sure this was a scam.

I requested a refund of my initial investment and they have not responded and I do not expect them to.I know Buyer beware, but beware of the names Yardstick Investors and Burton Putnam.

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2 reviews on Yardstick Investors

  1. beware

    Always be careful while dealing with the name of burton Putnam in Binary options scheme.

    You will likely to be scammed by binary options company if you are investing before knowing all their terms and condition.

    One more thing to be noted- when dealing with binary option please must care about your fund manager assigned by the binary company.

    If fund manager guide you to trade wrongly you will get 0 out of your investment and lost all the fund, if this happened go away.

    Once you have lost the money, they will call you again to invest and give you promise that just invest XXX amount money and will give you return of XXXXX amount with full guaranteed to lure you.

    This scheme is presented to you because you have already lost some money and you might be interested to recover the loss?

    This is just to lure you and scam you so please beware when specially dealing with fund manager. If you are confident in what you do there are lots of way to invest in binary options.

    Just invest on right time with taking advice of SENIOR fund manager, I also recommended to google about your fund manager name to see if he is involved in any past scam or what kind of reviews your allocated fund manager have.

    If the reviews are very bad just scratch it and if the reviews are very positive go with him and invest without worry free.

    That’s All.

    1. Clara Peters

      To invest in binary options these days is more or less like betting on the wrong horse. I invested over $270,000 with three brokers and ended up not getting any withdrawal.

      Birman law and some law firms offered to get my money back. But before I realised they scammed me aagin for $20,000.

      I resorted to unconventional methods to get my funds back, since the law wont help anyway.

      I am just posting this to make folks aware of the situation on binary out there. I’d like to share my experience with folks out there with similar situation. clapete990 at gmail dot com.


  2. scam

    This company denied me access to my trading account and I couldn’t withdraw my money. I reached out to them they told me I needed to put more money, I already invested $40000, they wanted me to put $25000. I told them I have no money and they stopped picking up my calls and emails. I have recovered my money back from them after three months of battling them, I got back all my money with he help of wealthwatch They took their time to guide me on steps to take to recover all my money back

    ADMIN UPDATE: This comment may lead to another scam. Beware of such solicited offer

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Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : cwpcwp3839
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