WWICS is a fraud company. Stay away

If you are seeking help with immigration or similar services, never turn up to WWICS also known as World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services LTD. These guys are fraud and completely incompetent. You can find numerous of complaints against them on the internet. These people suck at what they do. Please mind my language here, but these guys are dumb.

When I went to their office, they forced me to start the process as soon as possible. I was not in a hurry and wanted to think about the process a bit more. But, they pressurized me to pay right away for better chances or whatever excuse they provide to every other person.

So, I made the full payment for their services. Right away, these guys flipped. For a month, I was kept on a waiting list for their calls and emails. When I did not get any response, I visited their office only to find that the person handling my process had quit. They did not have the basic manners for informing me and letting me know the updates.

Later, after I complained, they arranged someone else to handle the case. It took him only three months to quit again. Till that time, he was just sitting and soaking his feet in the office. The email he sent with the list of required documents was incorrect and incomplete. I had to send them different documents thrice and still the process was on hold. Whenever I called, he replied with a pending approval from the branch office in Mohali.

After three months, this guy also quit. Again, I was not informed. When, I found his phone number unreachable for couple of weeks in a row, I reached out to their office. They said that they were waiting for a new girl to join. She was in middle of her exams. Was that any of my concerns?

I had paid them in full. All I was wanting was the services in exchange. However, these guys are too incompetent to understand that. So, I called their branch office. I called them many times. Either the call wasn’t answered or was disconnected while they tried to connect with the specific team.

Once, I was able to talk to the incharge of the Mohali office. After listening to what I had to say, he laughed at me and disconnected the call. Is this how you treat your clients? I am furious and have also filed a complaint with consumer court. If you think that you have been ditched too, you can do the same.

May be, we can get our money back after taking these steps. It is disheartening and frustrating to lose money in scams. These people are not only incompetent but are scammers too. They lie about everything.

If I had got some more time, I would have checked the reviews and would have never opted for them. That is the reason, they usually pressurize people to start the process right away.

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Reported Loss :4000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : daman
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