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SCAM for State Registration of Business

SCAM letter solicitation for business registration with the jurisdiction having Authority. Note: Registration of business is done directly through the jurisdiction not through an agency such as this.


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  1. I Concur. Be careful. They get a lot of expats with these type scams.

    Just want to support the original post-er. These scams get a lot of people without street smarts (usually due to inexperience or being from another country). Dam shame. They need their asses kicked hard.

    1. George

      I got one of these letters too and called them to ask what it was about and they told me it is a service they provide. I informed them that I register my business directly with the state of Colorado and don’t need to pay them $85 to do something like this for me. It’s a scam designed to take advantage of the unwary!

  2. Scam artists!

    I got one of these letters too and called them to ask what it was about and they told me it is a service they provide. I informed them that I register my business directly with the state of Colorado and don’t need to pay them $85 to do something like this for me. It’s a scam designed to take advantage of the unwary!

  3. Intended to be misleading-don't use this service!

    $75 out of the $85 fee goes to the service; $10 is for the actual filing fee. There is no reason to pay an outside entity this fee when you can file an annual report online with the Secretary of State.

  4. Super Scam-Almost Worked

    This letter came in the mail from Workplace Compliance Services From Albany NY–the letter looks very official and scary, the you must do this or else kind of wording, and the form itself is modeled after something a gov. agency might send. Don’t send it. In NY the filing fee is $9.00 online and takes 12 seconds to do. Scam artists.

  5. No Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALWAYS RESEARCH things that look or sound fishy. Thanks for those of you who sounded the trumpet!!

  6. BEWARE!!!! Tired of scams

    I am sick and tired of scams – ALL TYPES. The scammers in this case are Workplace Compliance Services. They are charging a $75 processing fee!!!!! It only costs $50 for the State Filing fee which takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

  7. I also received this official looking letter and for “only” $75, they will help you file your $10 annual report with the State of Colorado. I do that online with the State directly, paying only the $10. They contact me by email when it is time to do that.

  8. Terrible scam!!!!! Beware!!!!!

    They almost got me. The letter looks very official. My annual report fee is $50, they were asking for $95 processing fee on top of that!!!!!!! Dirty scammers, should be arrested! They pray on people who will not do the research to find out the truth! Disgusting!

  9. Workplace Compliance Services is a BS Scam!!

    Don’t be suckered by this scam company- they solicit money to complete annual reports at your state capitol. These can be done online in like 2 minutes for no additional cost. In NJ the annual report fee is $50.00 and their fee to do the 2 minutes of work is $85.00!!
    PLEASE- go online and do it yourself and avoid these scammers.

  10. Rip-Off

    I received this letter. It does look authentic & is from Trenton but I didn’t really know what it was for. So so happy I researched it & came to this site. I’m just ripping it up. Thanks for informing people & helping to avoid scams.

  11. Illegal letter; Fraud

    This is a big SCAM….you can file your business forms through the Secretary of State without paying a scam artist a penny!

  12. Total Scam

    Got two very official looking letters to renew my business entity report ($32 online through the actual state’s website) and they were going to charge $107 each (I have two businesses). Why would you pay these clowns when you can file yourself for $32 online? Stay away – this is garbage.


    I received one of those documents stating the State of Louisiana will dissolve our company if we do not comply with their services.

    I file my own filings with our State of Louisiana and WILL NOT be subject to this scam.


    I don’t understand why someone doesn’t arrest these people.

    1. Anna X

      How these people still are existing.

  15. Received this misleading letter.

    We received a letter stating that we had not filed our annual report…to fill out form and enclose $95 — looks and sounds super official. I went to the appropriate site and found that everything is filed and current. Beware!

  16. Scammer

    I received a scam letter today from Workplace Compliance. They are asking for $125 for something I can do myself for less money by registering with the state online. I did reverse lookup the address and it led right to a UPS Store mailbox.

    1. yvonne Ciufo

      That is true, UPS store, Florida – $ 199.00 !!!!!,

    2. Anna X

      I got this kind of letter asking for $125 too. How did WORKPLACE COMPLIANCE SERVICE in Trenton know our info? NJ Government sold our info? Disgusting!

  17. Definitely a scam

    They are just trying to get money from you. Don’t pay or report to them. Whoever is leasing this space to them should kick them out.

  18. Extreme losers

    Plain and simple, what this guy does is false representation, misleading and should be illegal. Surprised it isn’t illegal. He pretends to be a government agency and sends an “official-looking” letter that says you are at risk of penalties or fines if you don’t send him money. Truth is, you can file whatever form he is peddling directly with your state agency for a fraction of the cost. He adds a disclaimer part way through the letter that states he is not a government agency but he still expects you to send him the money. In Florida, he adds a little touch of realism by making the return address in the same city as our state government. Would someone please arrest this sleazy loser?

  19. they are an ILLEGAL Operation

    This company mailed me a letter asking for $199 to file an annual report on my LLC when in fact my LLC has been dissolved!! Avy company that does a basic search on sunbiz will know this! Yet this company continues to mail entity owners with this knowledge plus the fact that we can file directly through the state!!! TOTAL SCAM AND PEOPLE SHOULD BE JAILED!!!

    1. Jared Conbeer

      I just wront a check and then thought “I don’t think this was so expensive last time”. Before sending it out, I decided to google “Workplace Compliance Services” and found these reviews. Thankyou all for keeping me from making a mistake. This is most definitely a scam!

  20. I almost got fooled.

    My last biennial statement to New York State was $9.00 not $90.00.
    That brought it to my attention plus it states it’s not a government agency and “is vacant land a workplace”?

  21. Workplace Compliance Services is a SCAM and the State of Georgia needs to stop them

    These people are scammers. They absolutely suck. They make you feel like you will default or infringe the law. They should be sent to jail. It’s all a lie.

  22. Total Scam

    This is a complete scam.

  23. Total Scam

    This form letter looked just like the letter we annually receive from the State of New Jersey.
    Our CPA handles everything for us and I faxed it over to them. They said to tear it up as it was a scam. They’ll be eblasting all their clients to be wary of these con artists. There should be laws preventing this kind of blatent scamming. These people are despicable and have a
    special place in hell waiting for them

  24. Scam

    Got a letter from them claiming we owed $90. Reported them to the Better Business Bureau. If you get the same letter, I encourage you to do the same.

  25. SCAM - How can such slime-balls get away with this ?

    I just got my very “official” looking letter advising me to pay my annual report fee within 30 days, making check payable to Workplace Compliance Services; 1700 North Monroe St #11-209; Tallahasee FL 32303. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEND MONEY TO THESE FRAUDSTERS. I do not know if they will even pay your annual renewal but it doesn’t cost anywhere near what they are asking( so you are risking paying them an extremely high premium to file it for you or worse– they may pocket everything you send them considering this “official” looking letter is obviously trying to take advantage of people. File it yourself on Sunbiz for Florida businesses for $138.75 before May 1st (or else pay the late fee which is very high on or after May 1st each year).

  26. SCAM

    Letter asking for $125 to keep LLC name, on envelope states: “Not official government document”.

  27. May these evil ones get their "due"

    Happy New Year, yeah whatever. Gotta letter from these losers on New Year’s Eve and literally got me off to a bad start. I will look into going to the police on this. Can’t hurt checking out address etc. How in the world will just not sending a check get them caught? I hope everyone here that has posted recently will look to get these people in the slammer. How about we get their evil hopes up and send the envelope back with a note they are a friggin loser and you’re coming to get them! C’mon people don’t let these people continue on with this evil stuff!

  28. Misleading

    The Annual Report filing fee in Connecticut is $20. Workplace Compliance Services charges $110 to file the fee on your behalf, a 550% mark up. This is outright gouging.

  29. Beware of the scam artists

    Received this letter today and due date was 1/19/19. Looked legitimate but was missing details about the business particularly number of employees. I knew that I always filed online. Did research and found it was a scam. People like this should be jailed.

  30. scammer trash

    its a Scam my friend works for the state of Colorado and told me its a huge scam .

    1. Mary

      Received a letter as well in Colorado. If the state knows it’s a scam, then why don’t they post it or send out a warning with an email!

  31. Thank God I checked online before mailing in the payment!

    This letter looks pretty legit. I had my check written out and ready to mail and decided look at the website and saw this was a scam. How horrible they do this to people!

  32. This is a SCAM in Florida too

    I don’t know how this is legal and how many people they have scammed. I received this official looking form which looks like something the State of Florida Division of Corporations would send out. It mentions the Florida law and annual reporting instructions. It said I need to pay $200. It said to respond by 12-28-2018 and “respond today!” which is the largest print on the form. I literally got my check book out and was stressed that I had to pay the State a surprising $200. Then I studied it further before I began to fill it out. Then I compared it to my State website because I don’t remember there being a huge renewal fee for my business. Of course there is no annual fee to renew. It is FREE to renew in Florida and these folks literally said my state fee is included. So yes that is a lie. So yeah you scammers I’m filing a complaint against you.

  33. Scammers

    got their notice in the mail and I’m sure it will fool new business owners. DO NOT pay them a penny. This is a scam. You can do your annual registration online for a flat $50 paid directly to the Secretary of State. Close down these SCUMMERS.

  34. Junk Mail!

    First at the top it says SOLICIATATION FOR SERVICES at the top of the letter. On the Envelope it says THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT SOLICITATION FOR SERVICES. In the letter they tell you they are not in any way affiliated with the Secretary of State. They are basically stating they will assist you in filing your annual report with your state for a fee. They make it seem in the letter that you must respond by the deadline or you will loose rights to your LLC or acquire fines for not doing so. It is a sales tactic! I logged into my Secretary of State account and I am all up to date and in good standing. Throw that junk in the trash can!

  35. They ALMOST got me

    I almost fell for this scam because I take compliance very seriously, BUT it is when I saw that the address was a UPS store that I realized that it was another scammer trying to make an easy buck. Bastards!!!!!!!!!

  36. Don't be fooled by this Company

    The form they send contains accurate information about your LLC so it looks legit but it is all public information. They are basically going to submit my $20.00 annual fee to the state if I pay them $110.00.
    They say they are not a government agency so make sure to read everything!!

    Probably not illegal but certainly very unethical !

  37. Don't fall for Workplace Compliance Services!

    I also received an official-looking letter today from Workplace Compliance Services to file my business’s annual report. Knowing I paid the state of NJ $50 each of the past years for this, I knew the $135 fee this Compliance was asking for was not legit. Hint: NO real government-issued letter will include “Please respond today!”

  38. The letter looked official from the state.

    These people are acting as a third party to file your annual state report. The charge $95 for a report you do on the SOS site for $10. I feel sorry for people who do not look closely and give these people money.

  39. Complete Scam

    Got a letter saying I had not paid my periodic report with the state and might owe a penalty. I have paid it and this is an attempt to defraud business owners plain and simple. Report them to your state atty general.

  40. Just received same letter. I immediately did a search and found massive posts of scam. Dirty.

  41. Official looking but just a hand in your pocket

    Total SCAM! Very official looking notice to file your business annual report. I filed mine a few days ago and almost thought I’d missed the price increase. They wanted $185 to file a report the state charges $100 for. $85 to do something that if you can’t do yourself, you shouldn’t be in business!

    I called the number listed 877-770-3555 and was given an automated option to ask to be removed from their mailing list. I hope that works! Schysters!!

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